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Stacey Lauren

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Entrepreneurship, Women In Business, Personal Development

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Stacey LaureN is  the powerhouse behind the “Do The Thing” movement. Not only can she create an audience around any offer, but she’s also the architect of thriving communities where thousands of people show up and stay engaged. With a background that includes running a $25 million-dollar staffing company, Stacey knows what it takes to build something truly remarkable. Drawing from her decades of experience in recruiting and sales, she doesn’t just teach you how to connect with people—she equips you with the skills to make your visions a reality, every single time.

Stacey is the go-to person for turning ideas into action and building tribes that stand the test of time. But what truly sets her apart is her ability to transform these communities into movements. She doesn’t just create groups—she ignites passions and sparks change, turning ordinary gatherings into powerful forces for good.