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As founder & CEO of Soaring with Eagles, Peter Ainley is passionate about helping organizations transform how they achieve success and growth. He works with both the top leaders and up and coming leaders down through the organization to assist in developing a culture and tribe that increases both impact and scalable revenue.

His unique “Leadership Disruptor” approach results in powerful and effective transformations in organizations that begins from the ‘Inside Out’ first.

In facilitating transformation, Peter leans into his extensive experience in engineering, project management, consulting and business management in a variety of industries, blending this with his coaching and global business experience to create an atmosphere that brings clarity and boldness while driving collaboration, connection and flow through the enterprise.

Over the past 30 years Peter has helped develop strong engineering departments, co-founded an engineering and project management consultancy and also founded an event production company.
Having successfully managed large projects with extensive and diverse teams to overcome challenges and setbacks he knows what it takes to create a tribe culture that bring success and client satisfaction.

With a background in engineering, He has figured out how to help technical leaders become leaders of people.

Leadership is about influence and empowering people to thrive and become the best they can be…leading from the ‘Inside Out’ first.  Peter helps leaders create a foundation and vision that produces authenticity, clarity and purpose that a tribe wants to align with.

Peter partners with organizations and leaders who value the continual development of their leaders, including the lower levels of leaders, seeing this as a journey and not an end goal, and commit to following through from the initial engagement.

He partner with leaders who are serious about making an impact in their business and community for the betterment of humankind through developing up & coming leaders and creating thriving tribes.

Beyond disrupting leadership, you can find Peter with his camera in hand. He loves the outdoors, hiking, biking and camping, global travel adventures and creatively photographing the landscape along the trail.

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Email:   peter @ soaringwitheaglesint.com
Website:  https://www.soaringwitheagles.co
Phone:  +1-416-564-7796
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LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterainley/
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The power of ‘Inside Out‘ Leadership is authentically influencing a tribe to achieve a vision that is beyond the ordinary, beyond business as usual.