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Founders of Business Audio Theatre I Producers of The Barefoot Spirit, Top 5 Business Audiobooks for 2020 - Audiobook Publishers Association


Welcome to Business Audio Theatre the Most Effective Onboarding Tool to Reduce Turnover and Increase Engagement

Preserve Founders Legacy through Story Performed by Actors with Sound Effects and Music


Does your growth result in specialization, turf battles, corporate malaise, costly employee turnover, and lack of engagement and loss of the big picture?

“Any company that works intentionally on their culture will like this product for on-boarding.”
-Bill Higgs, Host, Culture Code Champions Podcast
“TRANSFORMATIONAL ! Tremendous potential for CEO’s to tell their story in a new way!”
-Robert Reiss, Forbes Magazine

After building & selling the famous Barefoot Wine Brand and writing the NYT’s Bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit, used in 60 schools of entrepreneurship, and after a decade of being trusted advisors to startups, buildups, and buildouts, Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey have developed Business Audio Theatre. As workplace culture experts, they believe the best way to increase engagement and reduce turnover is through story. They believe the
best way to convey business story is through audio theatre provided to new employees on day one. Identification with the founders, their story, and their principles is the basis for identification. Identification is the basis for engagement. Engagement is the basis for longevity. Find out more!

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