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Growing your business around customer-perceived value


Are you happy with how much you’re selling…and how much you’re selling it for?  Improving both means getting your customers to perceive the value your offer provides them.

Do you know what value you provide for your customers? Don’t feel bad. According to McKinsey & Co., only about a quarter of directors on big company boards could describe their company’s value.

And yet, the purpose of a profitable business is providing more value to a customer than it costs to deliver.

Mark brings over three decades of sales, marketing, and corporate leadership experience to his clients all around the world.  His wide-ranging experience has given him a unique perspective into

Creating corporate cultures centered on customer-perceived value.

These cultures are built for long term success, increase customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and yes, increase shareholder value.

Mark uses simple tools and a common language of customer value you can use throughout your organization.  He has developed tools, training, an upcoming book, and coaching skills to make it easy to integrate.

If your company works in the business-to-business arena, we can combine world-class sales methodologies with a value-centric culture shift.  When sales, customer service, marketing, product development, engineering — every aspect of your company –has a clear line of sight to “customer value “, your entire company can become value focused.  Visit www.boundyconsulting.com or contact Mark at mark@boundyconsulting.com, or 602.374.3020.

The Time Value of Selling Value

In the sales world, building value early in your customer’s buying process pays more than building value late. A customer’s mind is more receptive to placing value on a solution before they have started on the price justification/negotiation stage of their buying process. The time value of selling value holds true even if your solution is not fully defined, as long as an outcome they will achieve is.

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Seven Sales Person Cop-Outs

Here are some of the all-time worst things I’ve heard salespeople tell themselves or their managers, some actually thinking they were doing well.

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Are You Winning Enough Opportunities at the Right Prices?

While many of my Sales Consultants specialize in specific industries, I have defined my niche differently: companies who produce a differentiated product or service, and who want to be fairly compensated for their value. This means selling at a higher price, In alignment withthe customer.

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Economic Storm Coming? What to Do Now.

If you’re not ready for it, sometimes the best you can do during a business downturn is simply play to survive.  This article discusses what you can do before hard times hit in orderto expand your choices during.

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Five Sales Leader Blinds Spots

We all have blind spots, but not all of us make a point of trying to uncover and cure them.  When the blind spot belongs to a leader, an organization can pay the price.  I see several recurring blinds spots with sales leaders, and wanted to share these five.

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