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Lauren St George

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Lauren St. George is a creative and strategic thinker with extensive experience across innovation, design thinking, creative direction and brand strategy. Lauren is a coach and a consultant. She wears her coach hat with her newly launched company, What’s Next.

What’s Next is a radically different approach to finding more fulfillment in your life. What’s Next’s process is based in brain science, social psychology and the best practices used by the top businesses to drive innovation, plan for the future and yield success and applies them to our personal lives to disrupt comfortable patterns and design true change. Her program approach gets people to breakthroughs and jumpstarts change quickly in a unique and engaging way.

Lauren wears her consultant hat with Accenture helping internal teams and their top clients solve big challenges – innovate products/services, envision the future, build partnerships, create targeted messaging for specific audiences, and help win work ranging $100+ Million – $2 Billion .

Before Accenture, Lauren ran Fresh, a consultancy dedicated to helping startups and innovation teams create fresh brand and marketing strategies. Previous to Fresh, Lauren co-owned a boutique creative agency based in Atlanta. UnitOne partnered with clients such as Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, Hershey’s, Citi, J&J, TNS, and 3M to name a few. Lauren started her career in video production as an editor, writer and director. She holds a B.S in English and M.S in Creativity, the human science of solving challenges.