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Karen Mangia

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I help customers around the world solve complex, strategic business problems and position themselves for future growth. I have a deep understanding of the customer experience–inside and out–from leading global Voice of the Customer portfolios for Fortune 50 companies and 20+ years of consulting directly with customers across multiple industries and segments.

In my role as VP of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce, I engage with key customer accounts and collaborate to develop innovative strategies to address their key business challenges. I help translate feedback into actions to increase customer retention, growth, and satisfaction.

My passion for customer success began as an account manager at AT&T, where focusing on customers’ goals led to exceptional success. I consistently outperformed production and revenue targets by double and triple digits (up to 522%), growing revenue up to 51% YOY.

At Cisco, I led a diverse sales team of technical and channels professionals to achieve a multi-million dollar impact. I created Cisco’s first Partner Experience Team, a cross-functional global initiative that made it easier and more profitable for partners to work with Cisco. I then led a global Insight Innovation team overseeing Customer Satisfaction & Experience, Diversity Business Practices, and Global Offset & Countertrade.

From internal Salesforce contacts to executives in hundreds of top-tier accounts, I leverage my extensive network to share best practices and inspire customers. In addition to being a hands-on practitioner and industry-recognized Voice of Customer leader, I speak 30 times per year, reaching an annual audience of 15,000-20,000 people.

My love of music and support of education are reflected in my board memberships with the Indianapolis Symphony and Ball State University. I’ve published three books: Listen UP!: How to Tune in to Customers & Turn Down the Noise (Wiley, 2020), Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work For You (Wiley, 2020), and Success With Less: Releasing Obligations & Discovering Joy (Marie St. Press, 2016). I delivered my first TEDx talk in 2019.

Twitter: @karenmangia  
Success With Less: http://successwithless.net/