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Jennifer S. Wilkov is a #1 international best-selling award-winning author, an award-winning freelance writer, a media personality and executive producer, and a respected book & business consultant in her business called “Your Book Is Your Hook!” She is a consultant for thought leaders, book writers, screenwriters and playwrights in writing, marketing, getting published and produced. She teaches the essentials for writing and pitching a bestseller: a great project, a strong platform and a well-polished pitch, presentation, and hook for their book or project as well as the crafting of high quality industry standard materials (queries, treatments and bibles). She teaches classes and programs for Writers Guild of America East, New York Women in Film and Television, The Writers Store, Writers Digest, and at myriad conferences and events such as the Chelsea Film Festival and runs the Writers Group at the New York Women in Film & Television. where she is Platinum Member. She has also taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Jennifer is the creator of The Next Bestseller™ Weekend Workshop in New York, a safe space that provides lucky participants with exclusive access to the dream team to help you learn to talk effectively with industry professionals about your project. She writes for Huffington Post Books, the award-winning PUBLISHED! Magazine, and guest posts upon request for other industry sites. Her keen eye for stories that sell for books, Hollywood and Broadway is trusted by industry professionals who appreciate her savvy in seeing the many possibilities a subject can lend itself to.


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The Make It Happen Room FOR WRITERS ONLY! on Thursday nights! https://bit.ly/TheMakeItHappenRoomForWritersOnly

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