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Evan Hackel

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Growth, Personal Development, Leadership


CEO at Ingage Consulting and Tortal Training


A dynamic, innovative, thoughtful and inspiring leader with 30 years of experience in franchising, distributed networks and cooperatives. Successful history of: (i) turning around a $700 million distressed franchise system into a $2.0 billion revenue business in four years, (ii) reviving and re-energizing a $3.5 billion revenue franchisor and (iii) founding three franchise systems. Experienced corporate board member.

Currently, a consultant to some of the largest franchise systems in North America. A franchise industry leader, widely published, keynote speaker, member of the New England Franchise Association Board, and Co-chair of the International Franchise Associations Knowledge Share Task Force.

How to Reverse the Cycle of Disengagement at Every Level

Ingaged leadership is a new way of leading, founded on the belief that when leaders create an organization where everyone works together in open partnership, that organization becomes vastly more successful. Instead of telling people what to do, Ingaged leaders unlock the full potential of people’s minds, creativity and emotions.

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An Insider’s Practical Advice on Buying a Franchise

If you were starting your own dream business from scratch, what would it be? If the franchise you are considering is a lot different from that vision, step back and look for another that “speaks” to your emotions as well as your ambition to succeed. Because chances are you will be getting up every morning and going to that business, make it one that truly excites you.

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Why Training is a “Must Have,” not a “Nice to Have”

Most business leaders know that effective training builds more consistent performance among employees, improves customer service, reduces the amount of time that managers spend training new employees, and provides other benefits that impact the bottom line. But do those same businesspeople also understand just how much a company’s overall profitability will grow when a comprehensive program of training is put into action?

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