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Evan Hackel

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Growth, Personal Development, Leadership


CEO at Ingage Consulting and Tortal Training


A dynamic, innovative, thoughtful and inspiring leader with 30 years of experience in franchising, distributed networks and cooperatives. Successful history of: (i) turning around a $700 million distressed franchise system into a $2.0 billion revenue business in four years, (ii) reviving and re-energizing a $3.5 billion revenue franchisor and (iii) founding three franchise systems. Experienced corporate board member.

Currently, a consultant to some of the largest franchise systems in North America. A franchise industry leader, widely published, keynote speaker, member of the New England Franchise Association Board, and Co-chair of the International Franchise Associations Knowledge Share Task Force.

Why Training Is the Key to Getting the Most from Millennial Employees

Ample research documents these changing millennial attitudes. One major study from Gallup, “How Millennials Want to Work and Live,” reports these findings:

60% of millennials say that the opportunity to learn and grow on the job is extremely important. In contrast, only 40% of baby boomers feel the same way.
50% of millennials strongly agree that they plan to remain in their jobs for at least the next year. That might sound like a big percentage, but 60% of members of all other groups plan to stay in place for at least a year. Baby boomers and others are planning on sticking around, while millennials are weighing their options.

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The Astonishing Benefits of Mentoring Your Franchisees

I am sure you are already doing everything you can think of to support your franchisees and assure their success. You are training them and their staffs, offering them marketing support, inviting them to join supportive franchise counsels, and doing so much more. But chances are there is one more activity you should be engaged in, one that might not be on your radar. You should be mentoring your franchisees

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Customer Service Essentials for Food Service Workers

As we recover from the pandemic, restaurants of all kinds are paying special attention to keeping their patrons safe and healthy. Of course, they should be doing everything they can. But at the same time, those businesses cannot overlook the need to provide excellent customer service. If anything, providing top-notch service has become even more important in a time when clients are feeling insecure about returning to restaurants, even coffee bars and food concessions of all kinds. 

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