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I help leaders achieve by teaching them how to be wiser at work. | Industrial Philosophy™ | Author: Wise Up! At Work


Cristina DiGiacomo had a successful, award-winning, twenty-year corporate and agency career in client engagement, strategy, and management roles at companies like The New York Times, Citigroup, AMC Networks, and R/GA. Her agency clients included SC Johnson, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, The Travel Channel, Rogers Communications, Essence Magazine, Sony, and L’Oreal.

She began studying Philosophy at The School of Practical Philosophy ten years ago, applying the ideas of the greatest thinkers of all time – spanning “3500 years” of knowledge and insight. She holds an M.S. in Organizational Change Management from The New School, enhancing her understanding of the impact and importance of change.

She has been featured in Global Trade Magazine, Houston Style Magazine, The Young Upstarts, and was interviewed by Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Authority Magazine. She has upcoming features for Costco Connection, CEOWorld Magazine, and Flagstaff Business News.

Her book “Wise Up! At Work” was a #1 Best-seller on Amazon for Modern Philosophy and a #1 New Release, and a Best-seller, in Business Management Skills. She has a podcast “Wise Up! With Cristina” where she interviews leaders about the issues facing business today.

Her success is measured by the skills she provides to access the wisdom of great thinkers to benefit everyday tasks and strategic thinking.

CEO’s: Your Moment is NOW

CEOs are expressing worry because they are facing an unknown assailant. It’s natural to fear the unknown. The speed in which everything is changing is stripping away the ability to sugarcoat and hide realities anymore. There is no longer any choice but, to be honest, and real. The curtain is pulled back, everything has been taken away and the only thing that’s left is transparency, honesty, and integrity. And let’s face it, these are the qualities of great leaders, so now is the time to embrace the challenge and accept that this is your moment.

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Do This One Thing To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Back to back meetings, they can see on Zoom you like cat books, kids wedged together under your desk, you’re just going to tweak that presentation one more time after dinner, you decide to take that call even though it’s 10 minutes before your next meeting, where did the weekend go, what the heck is a weekend?

“Work-Life Balance” – we’ve been yearning for it since before it was even a phrase. There’s even an addendum to it called “Work-Life Separation” a slightly better idea but just semantically playing around with the notion that we work too much. Part of it is because we’ve been socialized to believe there is work and there is life and they are two separate things.

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Guide: Cultivate Continuity So You Can Carry On!

You’re faced with this new circumstance and everything feels upended. Yet the work remains, and you need to figure out what to do and how to adapt. You may feel overwhelmed and paralyzed with either too many options or feeling like you have none.

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