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Claudia Harvey

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Global Entrepreneur & Investor | Podcast Co-Host | Speaker & Influencer | Best-Selling Author | Philanthropist


Elevate Your Products and Services with Claudia’s
Business, Marketing, and Financial Ecosystem

Claudia Harvey is the Founder and CEO of Dig It Apparel® and President and Founding Partner of BG Wealth Group, a group of companies consisting of BG Property HoldingsBG Accounting and Business Solutions, and BG Marketing Authority. Claudia works closely with the BG Wealth Group team to ensure clients are provided cutting-edge business strategies, innovative financial wealth opportunities, and the essential elements necessary for personal and business growth. 

Claudia Harvey is regarded as a champion to many start-ups and entrepreneurs who seek her advice when it comes to pivoting their business into growth-oriented actions. She resonates particularly well with product-based businesses and those seeking to scale beyond borders and across channels. Her esteemed network of business, finance, and marketing teams provide a robust ecosystem that offers businesses the right strategies to propel them forward.

A sought-after international speaker, Claudia has shared events with personalities such as Tony Robbins, Pitbull, and David Chilton. In 2019, Claudia was awarded the Top Female Professional Award by New York’s International Association of Top Professionals and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the UK’s Corporate LiveWire. She also joined Oprah Winfrey and other notable influencers as a contributing author of America’s Leading Ladies. An active Philanthropist, she is an Advisor of Sonas and created the BG Scholarship Fund to enable an underprivileged youth a year to attend University.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Claudia’s speaking topics include:

  • Product Based Business: Launching, Marketing and Scaling to Success. 
  • The 3 Pillars Of Possibility To Maximize Growth and Unleash Personal Success
  • The Networking Formula: How To Create High Impact Relationships To 10X Your Business


Motivate your team with one of Claudia’s inspirational talks or grow your business and your wealth with her team of experienced leaders. Reach out to Claudia at info@claudiaharvey.com.

“I live each day with three words in mind… strength, balance, and harmony.” – Claudia Harvey