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Cheryl Ivaniski

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Dr.Ac., C.H.,RDH, 4 X Bestselling Author, Global Wellness Authority, Speaker & Coach


Cheryl Ivaniski, Dr.Ac., C.H.,RDH
Global Wellness Authority, Dr. Holistic Medicine , 4 X International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Self Empowerment Mentor,  Author and Creator of The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy People® Program, Creator of The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education & Holistic Diabetes Solutions’ Signature Coaching Program, “The Holistic Approach to Winning with Diabetes”

Cheryl Ivaniski helps high achievers, entrepreneurs, busy people on the go, and those with chronic stress and chronic conditions  to prevent and overcome health challenges with proven holistic solutions and powerful mindset techniques.

As someone who works through the stresses of managing multiple business, Type 1 Diabetes, Non active thyroid and other issues, Dr. Cheryl teaches her clients by example how to live vibrantly well. She is the founder of the Lifestyle Wellness Centre, Holistic Diabetes Solutions, and The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education.  She specializes in pairing natural solutions including mindfulness practices, nutrition, movement, holistic wisdom, with mind/body connection to protect and restore balance in one’s life.

Cheryl has delivered talks to over 1,000 audiences on Self Empowerment, Self Leadership,  How to Kick Stress to the Curb, The Holistic Approach to living Vibrantly Well, and the Holistic Approach to Healing Chronic Conditions including Diabetes.

For over 25 years she has been teaching people how to re-energize and implement new healthy habits into their lives, how to peak their personal and professional performance, how to build their businesses, raise their families in great health, skyrocket their energy and how to prevent and combat stress and illness.