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I am Brand Marketing executive and spearheaded the Momentum brand which is one of the consumer facing brands that make up the South African JSE listed insurance entities that make up Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. As a brand pioneer, i kept this financial brand connected and on pop culture at all times.

I am motivated to personify the ethos of the #SheOwnsHerSuccess women’s movement that I drove for 6 years in my time there. Now – i am determined to empower all women from the girl child, women athletes, women in business and mature professionals who seek to make unimaginable advances where they are planted. I am a mother to my 8 year old son, but i stay open to conversations about how we can bring men and people of various orientations, into a way of work that drives diversity and inclusivity as a norm in the corporate world.

I studied at the University of Free State and graduated with a degree in Mathematical statistics and Computer science in South Africa. I then went on to pursue my honours degree in Risk Analysis, and later took some time to broaden my business horizons at the Wits business school in Johannesburg. But my passion for people has led me to become a Marketing maverick. So I cut my teeth as an advertising and marketing professional working with global names such as the telecommunications group MTN, as well as worked to advertise the BMW South African brand in my younger years. It is here that my journey to success sparked the beginning of my pursuit to understand the psychology and the anatomy of Marketing in its entirety.

My educational background keeps me a conscientious leader that can deliver within tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When I am not executing big campaigns of national impact, I am quick to motivate and direct people to my former life as a host of an online TV show called Women Unplugged. This show ignited my passion to empower women across the African continent. And although i still cite it as one of my earlier life experiments, the show took time to get raw & real about the financial, cultural & psychological challenges and discomforts that we need to take time to understand and be mindful of as a society.

I truly enjoyed spearheading the Momentum brand to stay fresh and unique with my then amazing team of brand superheroes. They continue to inspire me to carve out ‘success stories’ of inclusivity, diversity, and equality for the brand in my personal capacity to this day. My tenacity has led me to many accomplishments like being listed as one of the top brand managers on the 2021 Loeries official rankings. However i believe that my greatest achievement will come when I partner with the United Nations or the New York Times – to bring acute awareness to the 21st lepers of our century – poor and financially illiterate women who suffer from obstetric fistula.

Professionally, I recognize that money is emotional, and so i am constantly evolving and creating new financial narratives that offer practical tips on how to improve our daily money moves…. simple life hacks that can come from a grandmother or a financial advisor. Get to know me more proffessinally here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlotte-nsubuga-mukasa/

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