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Situational Awareness & Your Safety


Brian Searcy is the President of The Paratus Group.  His vision for The Paratus Group is to “Redefine How Safety is Learned” to make Schools, Churches and the Workplace and our Communities as safe as possible.  His unique experience and expertise, with the help of The Paratus Group Team, have revolutionized how situational awareness is trained and learned allowing the opportunity for every single member of our communities, the true first responders, to be “Prepared to Survive”.

Following a decorated senior leadership career in the USAF as a commander and combat veteran, Brian transitioned into executive roles as a business entrepreneur, writer, publisher and public speaker. He co-founded The Paratus Group in 2019 with the objective of using his decades-tested and proven leadership and training experience to solve a need for relevant, effective, trustworthy principles, training methodologies and programs to allow for the learning of situational awareness.  The situational awareness mindset and behaviors that are developed allows critical decisions to be made in the the complex dynamics of the home, schools, the workplace and our communities to make us all safer.

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