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We typically work with independent authors who are passionate about their books and have had some success, but are eager to get them out to more of their audience. We develop marketing plans that engage the fastest-growing segment of the publishing industry – audiobooks. We help our authors reach their goals by producing and marketing audio books with the quality of work that your project deserves.

My 36+ years in acting, directing, producing, audiobook narration, writing, and publishing converge to provide a breadth of experience, range of voices and tone, and talent pool built over years of networking. Pro Audio Voices offers audiobook production and marketing plans and implementation that leverage your audiobook to achieve your goals. Whether you’re a publisher looking to get your backlist into audio and working for you, or an independently published author, Pro Audio Voices can help you reach your goals through audio.

As President of Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA.org), I understand the challenges facing independently published authors and small publishers. I am passionate about providing an easy path for authors and publishers ready to build audiences, increase revenues, and expand market reach by moving into the audiobook world. As your audiobook partner, we are invested in and committed to your success and we help market the audiobooks we produce.

I’m also a member of Audio Publishers Assn, and NonFiction Authors Association. I am uniquely positioned in the publishing world as a leader, an audiobook narrator and producer, and a published author. I offer presentations about audiobook production to groups of authors and publishers across the U.S.

[Common misspellings: Becky Giest, Becky Parker Giest, Becki Geist, Becki Giest, Becki Parker Geist, Becki Parker Giest, Becky Parker, Becki Parker]

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