Williams, MN, CSP


The Master Negotiator


Greg Williams is The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert who has taught negotiation and reading body language skills to people worldwide. Greg is a Harvard trained negotiator and TV News Contributor that’s called on frequently by the media to highlight body language and negotiation strategies used by those in the news. He also served as a body language consultant to the hit TV reality show, “Love & Hip Hop New York.”

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), and Certified Virtual Presenter with more than 30-plus years of experience, through client engagements and seminars, Greg has negotiated on behalf of and trained clients on how to negotiate better, which has added millions of dollars to their bottom line.

The practical content in the 7 books that he’s authored, along with DVD’s, CD’s, and videos that he’s created, are driven by his deep knowledge of negotiation, tactics, strategies, and principles. His negotiation expertise is coupled with his keen insight about how to read body language.

If you seek to enhance your bottom line, let Greg Williams help you.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!


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