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C-Suite Collective is a private network for business executives.

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Our name is C-Suite Collective, and it’s just that: a collective of executives who have joined to share ideas, provide support, and build their networks through active participation.

Our network puts you on the front lines of conversations that build businesses and solve problems. The online experience was designed to tap into the brilliance of our members by allowing them to speak directly to one another or to the community at large.

Are you ready to go inside the conversations that move businesses and expand what’s possible for your organization?

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Our membership is complimentary, and qualified individuals are invited to use our 1-step application form to apply.

C-Suite Collective is for leaders who have earned the title of VP or C-level and above, and must be from a company with annual revenues of $10M or greater.

Have you earned this distinction?


Three times a year we invite C-Suite Collective members and other qualified executives and thought-leaders together for our C-Suite Conferences. This March 29-31, we’ll be hosting our Conference in Boston under the theme “Radical Leadership: Tearing down the status quo to make way for real success.”

Past attendees have been blown away by the level of speakers, networking opportunities and high-level thinking that occur at our Conferences. March keynote speakers include Kevin Jonas, Margaret Heffernan, Scott McKain, Adam Johnson and Willie Joley (to name a few!).

See the full speaker lineup on our Conference site.


I think the attendees and the people that are going to be taking part in this conference are really that upper echelon of people you want to meet, you want to interact with and you want to engage with.

Michael Williams, CMO, The Grand Prix of America, Formula 1

t’s a great opportunity to be talking to people that are high levels in the corporations, because those are the people that are going to make the change.

Bonnie Harvey, Co-founder, Barefoot Wine; Speaker/Author

A lot of the things I’ve heard, just in this morning session, has really got me thinking outside the box — the technology, the inventions, just the new way of thinking — and I think all of us can collaborate on that.

Rolonda Watter, CEO & President, Watts Works Productions

When you’re in the executive suite, you don’t get a chance to bounce your ideas off of people. When you come to a conference like this, I think it’s a good opportunity to really see what everybody else is doing.

Matt Lanfear, CEO, Great Eastern Energy

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