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Free 5-day trial to a Crunch Signature location.

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Free 1-Year Subscription to the Manufacturers Marketplace

Free annual subscription for manufacturers to the Manufacturers Marketplace. If you are not a manufacturer you can gift this offer to another manufacturer by contacting i5 Services, LLC.

The Manufacturers Marketplace is the marketplace for all your supply chain needs. It was developed to be the most comprehensive, unique, searchable buyer and seller network of manufacturers in the United States.

The Manufacturers Marketplace currently contains listings and information for hundreds of thousands of manufacturing companies in every industrial sector across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Businesses both large and small are listed—whether or not they are a member of the National Association of Manufacturers or a leading state manufacturing association affiliate.

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3-Month Manufacturing Council Membership

Receive a free 3-month membership to the C-Suite Network Manufacturing Council if you join before the end of June 2020.

The C-Suite Network Manufacturing Council is dedicated to helping improve manufacturing in the United States through thought leadership and working groups dedicated to producing solutions to the problems manufacturers face. The Council is looking for leaders in manufacturing dedicated to making manufacturing thrive. Every individual can help, many can bring about change, and we can help you do it!

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Success North Dallas Virtual Membership

Annual Virtual Membership $99 normal price $195. Regular meetings are the third Wednesday of every month from 7:00 AM CST to 9:00 AM CST. Also six plus Town Halls per year focused on current critical topics and two in person meetings when you are in Dallas. Success North Dallas founded in 1988 is one of the premier high level Networking Groups in the Nation. Qualifications for membership are: Be a Success in your own eyes, Honor your Commitments and be a Giver. Our members have started 98 companies, created our 1,000 jobs and seven Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year. Built on a foundation of servant leadership and a give-first mentality, Success North Dallas attracts the most successful business people of the highest integrity from all walks of life. As a result, Success North Dallas has become a magnet for highly motivated individuals driven to learn, grow, hone their acumen and give back to others. Our Speakers are the Best of the Best from around the world. For 31 years we have never paid a speaker or their expenses. They come because of the people in the room; people like you. I would be honored to have you a part of our Success North Dallas Family.
Bill Wallace
Founder & CEO

Use Offer Code CSuite99

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Free 75 Minute Discovery Call & Book: Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life

Start living your Grow Get Give life today by registering to receive a copy of “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life” and a 75-minute Grow Get Give Discovery Session with a transformational business coach, and author Mike Skrypnek
(Value of $525 USD).

In the discovery session, Mike will investigate the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by the business owner as they GROW their business, GET more freedom and GIVE back.

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Free Consultation & Book: Radical Value: How to Take Your Company to the Next Level Through Radical Customer Centricity

Receive Mark Boundy’s book, the #1 Best Seller, Radical Value: How to Take Your Company to the Next Level Through Radical Customer Centricity and consultation for free.

We all want to be customer centric…but most of us struggle with that vague term, and how to measure it. Radical Value reveals that the measurable, trackable, trainable thing you really seek –at the core of customer centricity–is customer-perceived value.

Radical Value breaks through the confusing tangle of sales performance solutions available today. There’s radical simplicity –and radical power — in focusing everything your company does on customer.

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Free Discussion Guide, Podcast, Quiz & Book: The Mindful Marketer – How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World

Register to receive Mindful Marketing Resources for difficult times from Lisa Nirell and EnergizeGrowth.

Today’s CMOs are expected to be brand stewards, demand generation experts, customer experience hubs, and more. Many marketing leaders revert to “order takers” roles, they miss out on the opportunity to influence strategy. As a result, marketing can feel isolated.

During these challenging times and economic turmoil, it is essential to care not only for our stakeholders–but for ourselves. And “tone deaf,” over-hyped marketing strategies simply won’t work.

The EnergizeGrowth team has put together five learning bonuses to help you discover unmet customer needs, deepen your key stakeholder relationships, and ultimately create new opportunities.

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Free eBook: Future Proofing Cubed: The Definitive Guide to Improving Productivity, Refining Processes, and Bolstering Profitability

Download Future Proofing Cubed: The Definitive Guide to Improving Productivity, Refining Processes, and Bolstering Profitability

Chock full of case studies from elite executives sharing the moments when the wheels fell off the process wagon, Future Proofing Cubed is the go-to resource when upscaling or downscaling, onboarding monster projects and expanding offerings. Her billion-dollar system of rapid adaptive transformation allows the giants of the planet to thrive and those at the helm to prosper through solid organizational change management. If you’re a business owner or executive, keep Future Proofing Cubed on tap to help ease the rough waters of industry and ensure your business’ longevity and profitability.

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Free 1 Hour Consultation with Lisa Levy

Lisa Levy is the CEO of Lcubed Consulting. As Arizona’s most trusted Organizational Change Management Specialist, she helps leaders “future-proof” their business operations by building an adaptive culture and structure. In a single sentence, their mission is to elevate organizations to quickly adapt and transform, achieving strategic goals while maximizing progress, productivity and profitability.

Levy turns organizations inside out to examine the silos and ivory towers that shunt communication, the stagnant methodologies with the byproduct of preventing future-proofing, and the misalignment of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Free Consultation and Book: Effective Problem Solving with C4

David Veech is offering a free consultation with the gift of his book. He teaches organizations how to obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate performance by teaching leaders how to love, learn, and let go. Leaders who apply these lessons achieve higher productivity, higher profitability, and higher professionalism as they build great workplaces.

Contact David today to receive – The C4 Process: Four vital steps to better work, digital copies of a C4 Problem Solving A3 worksheet, and digital copies of a C4 card for employee engagement, Plus up to 2 hours virtual training/coaching how to use them all properly and effectively (value of $5,000).

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Free 30 Minute Consultation with Kelli Richards

Benefit from the insights of a former Apple exec as a trusted advisor

A 30-min consult session aimed at high achievers (and those who want to be!) who are committed to re-inventing themselves around a life and work that is aligned with what matters most as they craft their legacy and lead a more fulfilled life.

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Free Consultation with Laura Mineff

Motivating your workforce is an integral part of leadership.

Create a design layout to incorporate a new workspace that motivates and recreates the sense of belonging. A new way to present a communal productive working atmosphere.

If you are struggling with getting your staff to reenter into the work force with a universal communication and stimulating working atmosphere contact Laura.

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Free 2 Week Program Trial & Book: AI for Sales, How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Sales

Register to receive a free two-week trial of scalex.ai program and a book about AI sale technology. (a $250 value)

You know why 50% of sales professionals miss their quota? Do you want more of your sales team to exceed quota, so that you can crush yours? ScaleX.ai can solve this for you… How? They literally wrote the book on AI for Sales and have special “insider” knowledge of how sales teams who don’t have access to a sales or business development representatives leverage AI-Augmentation to automate prospecting and generate pipeline and bookings that resemble the top 20% of your sales team.

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30% Off at Bydash.com

30% off healthy cooking appliances at bydash.com.

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3-Minute Mastery Assessment

Tina Greenbaum works with executives who want to increase their performance level in high stakes, high-pressure situations. An Optimal Performance Specialist and Sports Psychology Consultant, Tina’s signature program, Mastery Under Pressure empowers leaders and their teams using cutting-edge technology, neuroscience, energy psychology, sports psychology and current learning theory.

How is your mastery under pressure? Take a few minutes to find out valuable information about yourself.

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30 Minute Visual Identity Call with Sheila Anderson

Look like a million bucks

Are you feeling exhausted from being at home lately and living in sweats?
Are you lacking confidence in creating a powerful visual identity?
Are you not turned on with who you are?

You could be leaving money on the table with your image.

to gaining confidence, becoming visible, and being turned on with who you are so you can turn others onto you. Gaining a Return on Image® is about building up your image and personal brand to generate returns in the form of:

– Commanding higher fees
– Instilling a stronger believe in yourself
– Attracting the right people and opportunities
– Becoming top of mind in the sea of sameness
– Creating a personal brand strategy that increases influence

Her three promises to you during our 30-minute Visual Identity consultation:
1. Explore your Power Word
2. Uncover your Power Color
3. Get Instant Feedback on One Power Outfit

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$1000 Discount Off iFlip Invest

Schedule a consultation call to receive $1000 off iFlip Invest. AI uses algorithmic intelligence that is designed to manage your risk during volatile times and focuses on using that saved wealth to grow more. This is not a get rich quick scheme or short one-month investment play.

Access to Invest in High Return AI Smartfolios that have historically brought 15-25% returns. While cutting out the hidden fees that investing banks and advisors charge.

*Required Legal Disclaimer: For stock market investing, past results don’t guarantee future performance.

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Free eBook: Revenue Growth Engine Book

Looking for ways to drive and thrive? Darrell Amy’s new book, Revenue Growth Engine, delivers a strategy and systems to align sales and marketing to accelerate revenue growth. Get an overview of the model in the first two chapters of the book.

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Free eBook: Capture Clients, Close Deals: A Simple Way to Gain Clients Without Convincing or Chasing

If you are an entrepreneur, executive, consultant, coach—this proven 5-step process is the first step to:
-Grow your client and customer base fast!
-Decrease your time and cost to acquire a client or customer.
-Secure more of the clients you enjoy working with and less of the clients you don’t.
-Grow your client and customer base fast!

In this e-book, Steve will help you demystify any of the following questions you want answers to:
-How do you get a ‘Yes’ from the right client with less effort and time?
-How do you discover your money message—the exact set of words that you know your clients need to hear?
-How do you take the guesswork out of your marketing and sales efforts?
-How do you strengthen your brand and make more money by saying ‘No’ to the wrong clients?

If you’ve ever thought that ‘success and gain’ means ‘hard work and pain’, Steve has reversed the formula. His proven marketing and sales systems have helped 1000’s of entrepreneurs and executives; increase their revenue, decrease their hours worked, regain their personal freedom, and take more vacations!

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1 Hour Seminar: The Fitness of a Leader

Join Robert Pizzini for a one-hour Zoom presentation for up to 10 virtual attendees on how rest, hydration, nutrition, exercise, brain and heart health, and lifelong learning can impact your ability to lead and your longevity as an impactful leader.

Robert retired from the U.S. Navy in 2010 after 26 years of service in Navy Special Operations as an enlisted Navy Diver, Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, and EOD Officer. After wearing our nation’s cloth he helped establish several multimillion-dollar businesses including my indoor skydiving facility in Virginia Beach. His proven success model draws parallels between military and corporate leadership styles, building and leading a winning team, and precision execution. He has over 30 years of battle-tested principles of leadership in war zones and boardrooms and knows how you can create superior executive level competency, confidence, and presence.

Complete the contact request form and enter “High Stakes Forum” in the message field.

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Free 1 Hour Seminar (recorded): How to Make Amazing Videos for LinkedIn

Claim your free on hour seminar with Bob Miglani. Bob is a bestselling Author, ex-Pfizer executive and global thought leader on Change & Transformation. His videos on LinkedIn have generated business deals, clients and boosted his professional brand.

LinkedIn is the #1 professional platform in the world. And video is the #1-way people get content online.

In this one hour video (to download), Bob will help show you how to do make videos – from the camera, lighting, mechanics, content, production and distribution – Bob will show you how to do it yourself and do it professionally so as to advance your thought leadership, your job, your career and your business.

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Free 25 Minute Consultation With Steve Lishanksy

Need a C-Level sounding board or targeted discussion on a high stakes issue with a Hall-of-Fame executive coach and strategic advisor? Here is your chance to get an impartial, insightful, innovative, and inspiring perspective on a topic that could drive your business, improve your decision-making, or intervene in an energy draining issue.

Offered to Senior Vice-President and above only, and a limited number of slots are available.

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Free Book: The Ultimate Sales Revolution - Sell Differently. Change the World.

Claim your copy of The Ultimate Sales Revolution by Steve Lishansky. The Ultimate Sales Revolution transforms the thorniest issues in sales and influence, providing a proven path and the principles for creating massively successful relationships. This is the book that teaches professionals how to create value in the lives of their prospects, clients, and colleagues so they establish themselves as the most highly trusted, respected, and valued partners in success. You will learn to be far more effective, whether you are a CEO needing to engage your organization around the vision, mission and goals, or a high-end professional services provider needing to demonstrate value while differentiating yourself from all your competition.

Simply note in your email: Sales Revolution – Kindle OR Sales Revolution – Apple OR Sales Revolution – pdf

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Free 15 Minute Mindful Leadership Exploratory Session

Is your business full of chaos working to re-calibrate? Do you dream of being a high performing organization that achieves outstanding results? Inefficient organizations are unsustainable. Every year goals are set higher and organizations struggle to keep their sanity while serving their employees and customers.

Join Holly Duckworth, the founder of the C-Suite Network Mindful Leadership Council, for a brief 15-minute conversation to learn what mindfulness is, what it is not, and how we can bring mindful leadership to your business. Mindful matters, and so do you! At the end of our Zoom call all participants will receive her book Everyday Mindfulness: 30 Days to a Calm Executive Presence.

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Behmke Bucks

Receive $500 toward any trademark work or $1000 toward any patent work (software, hardware, electrical, mechanical, medical devices, consumer products, etc. – no bio/pharma).

James is a patent attorney focusing on patent drafting and prosecution, patentability/infringement/validity opinions, reexamination proceedings, litigation support, prior art searches, design patents, and trademarks/copyrights. He is offering free consultations and will also consider trading services for equity in great ideas in need of capital.

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Satellite Media Tour Production

Today’s C-Suite leaders understand that COVID and social justice issues have made it more important than ever for CEOs to be communicating to key constituencies. Our video production partner on the C-Suite Insights program, D S Simon Media is extending a special offer to all attendees of this event to produce a satellite media tour from on location, anywhere in the country at the reduced rate of a standard tour from their New York studio. Their media tours will include 20-25+ interviews on TV stations across the country as well as multiple syndicated programs reaching millions of people.
To be eligible for this discount, e-mail their CEO, Douglas Simon at dougs@dssimon.com. Put C-Suite discount in the subject.

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A Coffee Lover's Dream Recipe eBook + Coupon Code

This coffee lover’s dream recipe ebook includes an exclusive selection of recipes inspired & created by coffee enthusiasts that were carefully put together by Nixie, CoFounder/CEO at Nixie’s Coffee, for YOU to fall in love with. In addition, use “hero20” as your exclusive 1 time offer coupon code to save lots & enjoy these recipes in the best way with Nixie’s Coffee at nixies.com!

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BSK Guide for Hiring The Best Salespeople for Your Company

Learn how to hire better salespeople! There is a big difference between what science knows and what business do. This guide is based upon 2 years of research by an Organizational Psychologist, HR Consultant and Sales Consultant.
Did you know…
– 55% of candidates go to Glassdoor to decide if they want to respond to your ad?
– The #1 selection method is 2-3 times more predictive than a structured interview or other selection methods?
– There are 8 types of bias that get in your way of hiring a top producer?
– The right process identifies top producers 92% of the time?
– The way most companies recruit today is all wrong according to the Harvard Business Review?

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Free 45 Minute Silver Linings VIP Strategy Session with Joe Swinger

Set up a free 45 minute VIP strategy session with the CEO of The Silver Linings Network and up-level your life and business. Joe Swinger will take you from where you are to where you want to be by creating a 90-day plan so that you can begin living the VIP life of Vibrancy, Impact, and Purpose.

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$1500 off Back In the Game (BIG) Executive Coaching with Kimberly Roush

All this for only $1,000 using discount code CSUITECOVID (regularly $2,500!) Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s an affordable way for us to help people at a time of need and pay it forward. Happy clients are our greatest joy. You all land great jobs and if the time comes when you need our services for yourselves or your employees, we’ve gotten to spend 10+ hours with you building a relationship. You’ve experienced the power of our coaching, our facilitating, and our motivational speaking and, of course, we’d love to be considered to meet your business needs!

Use code CSUITECOVID to redeem the offer.

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Increase the Effectiveness of Your LinkedIn Profile

One hour course which will completely change the way you (and subsequently everyone looking at you) look at your LinkedIn profile.

Normally $197, use “highstakes” as the coupon code this week to bring the cost down to $97. 100% money-back guarantee if it doesn’t change the way you look at your LinkedIn profile forever.

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Coaches Council Coaching Session

The C-Suite Network Coaches Council is going all in to be able to help you become successful in your business.

1. Elevate Your Success – To give you the inspiration to never let go of your dreams.
2. Marketing Tools – So that you can be organised and have all the correct tools to assist you to achieve your goals.
3. Clarity Session – This where you will be able to sit down one on one with Ivor Lok, to ensure that you have the clarity you need to accelerate your progress.

All of this is free and courtesy of the C-Suite Network Coaches Council.

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CitronWorks Concierge Service: Free Recruiting of Freelancers Globally

CitronWorks helps you find great talent, hire them directly, and pay zero commissions.

Our experienced world-wide professionals come from the US and emerging markets such as the Philippines, India, and Eastern Europe, which may reduce your payroll by up to 75%.

A key feature of our service is our Concierge Service, where we find and vet candidates based on your criteria, giving you a list of top workers to choose from. The concierge service is suitable for employers experienced or new to the concept of hiring remotely and internationally.

As a C-Suite Network member, I would like to offer you our Employers’ Concierge Service entirely for FREE (usually $299). There will be zero cost to you or the person you hire

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Free 30 Minute Virtual Conversation at International Metaphysical Academy

We share new metaphysical knowledge and practical tools from scientists, mystics, philosophers, and the spiritual world with anyone who wants to expand their consciousness and live a good life. We emphasize critical thinking, personal responsibility, and love.
We invite all individuals who genuinely seek the good within themselves and others and wish to become a part of a strong growing community of spiritual role models and leaders.
Metaphysics is the study of mind, energy, and matter that is often invisible to the human eye. It deals with universal laws, consciousness, mysticism, intelligence, spirituality, and the purpose of all life.
Students of all religions and spiritual orientations are welcome!

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Free 30 Minute “Increase Your Income & Impact” Strategy Session

√ Learn how to achieve more success in your career or business
√ Strategies to increase your income and impact in the global economy
√ Step into greater levels of leadership and opportunity!

Learn More About The Women’s Leadership Council:

For More Information Contact:
Kathleen Caldwell at 773-562-1061 https://tinyurl.com/KathleenCaldwellLinkedIn

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Communicating with influence Monday to Monday - One Hour complimentary virtual coaching call with Stacey Hanke

Are your virtual and in-person interactions as effective as they can be or are you grateful when they’re over?
We’re living in a new world of work called noise. 24/7 we’re receiving messages and managing distractions working virtually and in-person.
What will you get?
• See yourself as others see you. Are you as influential as you think you are?
• How to’s for communicating with influence during virtual and in-person interactions.
• How to’s for building a consistent brand Monday to Monday®.
• How to grab your listener’s attention in the first 30 seconds or less and reach a call to action.
• Consistently communicate with brevity; build trust to be heard.

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Monday Morning Sales Success Meeting - 10:00 CST

Monday Morning Sales Success Meeting, 10 am CT
When you look at what is the difference between the Top 1% and the rest of the people in sales you will see it is Planning and Accountability.

Monday Morning Sales Success Meetings start your Monday off with a great plan for the week, review of the past week and a new piece of sales learning. They are one of the VERY best tools to build high-performance sales results, discipline and accountability that everyone needs in sales. If you are interested in starting your week on the right track for your Sales Success join us Monday mornings 11:00AM EST/10:00 AM CST/8:00 AM PST

When: Mondays 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

For a limited time, we will allow non-members to participate to help you experience the advantage we bring to you! You may attend up to 2 FREE Sales meetings. After that, you will be asked to confirm membership. Thanks, Hope you will join. Go to https://www.entrepreneursonthemove.org

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