Along with peer members, our community is built of Councils, special-purpose groups for business executives to join together for high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building.

Traditional networking events and industry associations are aging models not focused on meeting custom demands of leaders today. From digital to in person, C-Suite Network offers a guided networking environment to gain mission critical feedback from peers who understand them.

From finance, to travel, to business services, the C-Suite Network offers you a package of exclusive services to help you grow your business, do it more efficiently and put more on your line.

C-Suite Network Councils offer an opportunity for elite thought leaders to come together and work towards a common goal on a specific topic, industry or location.

A Council is a special purpose group designed to open doors for c-suite leaders across a wide range of global industries. The objective of the Council is for business executives to congregate for high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership, and personal relationship building.

Browse the different Councils available and elevate your membership.

We create experiences to build relationships beyond business cards.

Most professionals are not getting a good ROI on their time when attending networking events.

At C-Suite Network, we are your gate-keepers by surrounding you with vetted members and senior executives. We surround our members with on-going networking opportunities through:


C-Suite Conferences are our flagship events bringing together all our members. It’s the time of year to surround yourself with other leaders setting aside time to learn and grow. You don’t want to miss them.

City Summits

Watch out for ongoing City Summit meet ups. The C-Suite Network is comprised of road warriors constantly connecting members throughout the country through our regular summits.

Digital Meetings

Digital events are designed to inform and educate members on things that matter to them from investing, marketing, branding. If it’s a pain point for members we cover it in our Digital Meetings.

Council Events

Make sure you learn about all the councils we offer and the events they sponsor!

We provide members a marketplace of professional services with discounted  member-only rates.

Browse through your member services:

As a network we cover a range of different topics and themes relevant to business leaders.

The C-Suite Network is the host to many types of experts. From articles to podcast and TV episodes – they are creating engaging content that aligns with the EDITORIAL CALENDAR.

Download valuable templates and resources to help you succeed as a thought leader.

Grab and use our library of assets from book launch marketing plans, keynote speaker contracts, contact lists and more.

Business Resources

Our MEMBER NEWSLETTER is far more than just another email subscription, it is the communication channel for everything we do. The newsletter features curated advisor content, along with upcoming event dates, event registrations, major network announcements, and educational insights.

The C-SUITE NETWORK NEWSLETTER is our public newsletter powered by the editorial calendar.

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