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[PRIVATE, C-SUITE NETWORK MEMBERS] When Is a Base Hit Better Than a Home Run?


Jun 14 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Just like baseball when it comes to sales, your average needs to be higher, and more consistent, than your individual stats. Successful sales organizations focus on getting hits and keeping the bases loaded than relying on home runs. Home runs are exciting, but far and few in between, accounting only for 15.9 percent of the hits in a game. Base hits account for almost three-quarters (64 percent). They also propel scoring and when everyone’s hitting, the entire team is fun to watch.

So whether you’re in the batter’s box, on deck, on in the hole, this session will teach you how to up your average to help your team get the W.

Jeffrey HayzlettChairman & Founder of the C-SUITE NETWORK™, will explain why focusing on selling smaller $5K sales is a better strategy that selling large and infrequent $2.5 million home runs. He will also address how to get your foot in the door by reaching out to key referrals, key players and get the best value possible when negotiating a deal.

This digital event on Wednesday, June 14 at 12PM ET will address:

  1. Why team average means more than individual stats
  2. When selling $5K is better than selling $2.5 million
  3. How to land an enterprise client or a multi-million-dollar account
  4. How to create a smoother enterprise journey
  5. Getting referrals or introductions to the right decision-makers and how to identify the key players

 Wednesday, June 14 at 12PM ET 


There will be ample time for additional interaction after Jeffrey’s interview, so have your questions ready.


This event is brought to you by iFlip Invest and Apex Trader Funding.

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