Manufacturing Council Forum [Bringing Manufacturing Back to America]

Guest Speaker: Spencer Loveless, CEO/Owner of Dustless Technologies and Founder/CEO of Merit3D He will address: “How we are Bringing Manufacturing Back to America Through New Additive Manufacturing Technologies.” Topics he will present are: 1. The problem Dustless had with injection molding and Asia, and how we are overcoming 2. The long lead time for developing […]

Women’s Leadership Council Presents: WOW = Words Of Wisdom Panel Discussion

It’s often said for women, “it’s our time.” Yes, we are becoming stronger and more powerful both personally and professionally. Yet, despite our gains, we are often held back by self-limitations, old beliefs and work that often doesn’t “feed our soul.” This special WOW = Words Of Wisdom panel will feature esteemed faculty member, Tina […]

Leadership Under Fire: Learn from Military Veterans How to Lead in Difficult Times

Join the Community that Understands and Supports You. We are veterans supporting other veterans. Everyone in our community has worn the uniform and survived their tours and deployments.  And none of us are done making this world better. We all took the oath the day we enlisted or were commissioned. We do not take that […]

[Private] C-Suite Network Contributor Forum

COVID not only brought about change, but it also accelerated everything including marketing. The game has changed and if you’re not changing with it, you’re getting left behind. Customer attention spans are shorter and the message you’re trying to send isn’t reaching the target audience. What can thought leaders and influencers do to ensure the […]


[Private] C-Suite Network Thought Council Round Table

This is a Thought Council private event. If you are interested in becoming a member, click the button below to sign-up today. If you are already a member, please email your concierge at to receive a calendar invite.   Become a Member  

How to live a Bold, Adventurous & Intentional Life, Lone Star Council

When Drew Myers walked away from his last “real” job, he put a pen to paper and realized that he had the embarrassing distinction of having 11 jobs since graduating from college...11 years ago. That’s right ...11 jobs in 11 years. After a lot of discussion and prayer, Drew decided to finally embrace the gift that God […]