LeadHERship Global — Refer & Recommend Exchange

At our “Refer and Recommend” exchange, members ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. In a confidential, safe environment, you can describe the biggest pain point you’re facing, and where you need help from other LeadHERship Global members around the globe. All the generosity of the LeadHERship Global community is at your fingertips.

At the “Refer and Recommend” exchange, you are invited to make a 15-second introduction to yourself, and your business, in front of the other attendees, and ask for what you need, along with what you can offer the other members. Before breaking into small, speed-networking groups, a select number of presenters will have the opportunity for a 10-minute conversation about their organization and how members can get involved.

Benefits of participating in a “Refer and Recommend” session:

– Introduce LeadHERship Global members, and select guests, to your
business, products and services
– Meet inspirational leaders, create lifelong friendships, and be surrounded
by people that are invested in your success
– Publicize your business within the LeadHERship Global community
– Discover a new mentor, partner or employee that can take you to the next
– Connect with LeadHERship Global members in a small-group environment
– Learn how to better serve others and genuinely support their career
advancement and overall engagement at work.
– Provide an opportunity for LeadHERship Global members to learn more
about you and your business
o Become mindful of the opportunity and the responsibility you have to serve your own advancement, by serving others.

LEADER: Linda Fisk

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Password: 630308
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Dec 28 2022


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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