LeadHERship Global — From Burnout to Balance

Are you feeling exhausted and on the edge of burnout? Have you been working harder than ever in your business only to feel like you haven’t done enough? Before burning the ships and booking a one way ticket to Mexico, let’s work through some practical Mindset tips to help you regain your confidence, your health and your sanity! Women continue to face alarmingly high levels of burnout and stress with the evolution of the workplace. Over the past 2 years the shift has accelerated the demands on women and women are struggling to balance working and family needs. Trying to do all the things in your business, lead a team and be there for your family can leave you feeling like you’re surviving on fumes. If you don’t put your own oxygen mask on, everyone suffers!

In this training we will cover:
-How to recognize the signs of burnout.
-The Mindset shifts you need to make to thrive and not just survive.
-How to slow down to speed up

SPEAKER: Mimika Cooney

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Aug 16 2022


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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