Council Day

Leadership Starts Here, C-Suite Leadership Effectiveness Council Forum

Leadership – and everything that goes on in your organization – starts with the decisions you make.  Every decision starts with the decision-making process you employ.  How clear, coherent, consistent, congruent, and communicable is your and your leadership team’s process? Lack of an effective decision-making process is a key driver of poor alignment, choices, and […]

Council Coffee – Informational Session

Bring your coffee (or your preferred morning beverage). The C-Suite Network Team & Council Leaders will be available for any membership questions and/or get you signed up for a Council.   REGISTER TODAY

Negotiate For GREATER Success – Activation Masterclass, Women’s Leadership Council Forum

Join us for the Women’s Leadership Council Negotiation Activation Masterclass on Thursday, April 22nd at 12:30 PM ET – 1:45 PM ET In this very special Masterclass, you learn how to ACTIVATE and strategize on YOUR biggest negotiation questions and opportunities. Women’s Leadership Council esteemed faculty member, Cindy Watson and WLC founder, Kathleen Caldwell will […]

Future of Risk Management, Manufacturing Council Forum

Future of Risk Management: The Convergence of the four pillars of Risk: Physical | Technology | People | and Process Achieve Organizational Homeostasis while Streamlining Organizational Strategy and Mitigating Risk Every business will face risks daily within any activity, function, or process of their company. Is your company ready to handle unexpected developments in this ever-changing world? […]

C-Suite Network Women’s Leadership Council Presents: Securing Your Seat At The Board Table: Getting In and Staying In The Board Room

Women are underrepresented on corporate boards and in the United States, fewer than 20% of corporate board directors are women. At this rate, women will not reach parity on boards until 2055. Whether you are a visionary woman executive or business leader, becoming a compensated, independent board member should be on your radar as a […]

Leadership Effectiveness Council Forum: MASTERY UNDER PRESSURE – Your Best, Better

The ability to operate calmly, think clearly and remain focused in stressful situations is key to being a dynamic leader—and can eventually lead you to the top of your company and your profession. Those skills can be learned. Over the years we’ve worked with top business executives, politicians, performers, artists and world-class athletes—and we’ve identified […]

Lone Star Council Forum

The Lone Star Council is thrilled to welcome the #inspirational and incredible Cheri Garcia, #CEO and Founder of Cornbread Hustle. Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency for second chances. Cheri is passionate about helping people with criminal backgrounds and individuals in recovery find transformation through employment or #entrepreneurship. As someone who has re-invented her own life, […]

Manufacturing Council Forum – Threatcasting: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

Are you prepared for the future? What has 2020 taught you? How has your organization changed to prepare for 2022 and beyond? World-renowned Futurist and best-selling author Brian David Johnson will explore the methodology of Threatcasting. Organizations, global corporations, and the United States military have used it to identify and explore a broad range of […]

Women’s Leadership Council Forum: Ladies – Let’s Get Disruptive!

You know as a woman leader, the world is constantly changing. In order to raise your levels of success and effectiveness, you need to think and act differently. Essentially - get more disruptive! In this experiential and highly interactive gathering, we will hear from Women’s Leadership Council esteemed faculty member, Lisa Levy. Lisa will be […]

C-Suite Leadership Effectiveness Council Forum: Making Your Marketing Match Your Mission

Join us for an electric session with marketing guru, author and Emmy Award winner Steve Lance. Steve takes us through an extraordinary session deconstructing your organization’s messaging gap, the chain of approvals that causes that, and provides you twenty essential management tips and strategies you can use to get things under control. Each strategic tip […]