[Executive Briefing] Building and Preserving Your Wealth in a Post-Pandemic World

  We work hard for our money, to build businesses and grow wealth to securely safeguard our future. However, the post-pandemic macroeconomic environment and markets continue to push capital into riskier endeavors. With other factors coming into play such as legislative changes and inflation eroding the value of every dollar created, what steps do we […]

[Private Event] Mastermind Council

  This is a private event for thought leaders. To receive an invitation, please email the Concierge team:

[Workshop] Building the Customer Journey Together

  By now we have determined that the customer journey is broken and that fixing it requires a collective effort. How do we go about creating those high-value customer journeys to ensure complete satisfaction? During this interactive Workshop, Pete Romano will address how to ideate and build those high-value journeys and how to move the […]


[DIGITAL DISCUSSION] Disruption, Digital Transformation, and Redefining Live Events

  The events industry has gone through a major transformation. Live, in-person events were the standard a few years ago. With that no longer a certainty, live events have become virtual, but do they create the same impact? That’s one question we’ll be asking Janet Dell, President and Chief Operating Officer at Freeman Co. With […]