[Partner Event] Craig Shelly Charity Gold Tournament, Elevate Summit & Mastermind

I want to cordially invite you to join me at the Craig Shelly Charity Golf Tournament, ELEVATE Summit & Mastermind, September 24-26th, 2021, at an award-winning resort near San Diego. This is a unique event coming out of pandemic with some of the world’s most amazing Enterprises, Startups & Business Tycoons. You’ll hear from business leaders who […]

[Private] Hero Club Boardroom

This is a Hero Club private event. If you are interested in becoming a member, click the button below to sign-up today. If you are already a member, please email your concierge at to receive a calendar invitation.   BECOME A MEMBER  

Manufacturing Council Forum [Bringing Manufacturing Back to America]

Guest Speaker: Spencer Loveless, CEO/Owner of Dustless Technologies and Founder/CEO of Merit3D He will address: “How we are Bringing Manufacturing Back to America Through New Additive Manufacturing Technologies.” Topics he will present are: 1. The problem Dustless had with injection molding and Asia, and how we are overcoming 2. The long lead time for developing […]

Veterans Council Forum

Join the Community that Understands and Supports You. We are veterans supporting other veterans. Everyone in our community has worn the uniform and survived their tours and deployments.  And none of us are done making this world better. We all took the oath the day we enlisted or were commissioned. We do not take that […]

Effectiveness Council Forum

Join us when you are ready to profoundly increase your leadership impact – and your organization’s results as well. Attendance is free but registration is required.   REGISTER TODAY