Emerging Technology Council

Corporate Subscription Benefits:

  • Eight Virtual Events – each event is a one-hour session that includes a keynote from an industry expert on the session topic; presentations from 2-3 founders of early-stage companies addressing the market with cutting-edge solutions and domain expertise. Each session will be moderated by technology journalist and event producer Erick Schonfeld who will guide you through an interactive exchange based on your questions and feedback.
  • Two Council Dinners – Dinners will be hosted throughout the country, connecting Council members and providing a forum to further explore issues around emerging technologies transforming the enterprise.
  • VIP access to C- Suite portfolio of conferences.
  • 24/7 Community Platform for peer-to-peer sharing.
  • Post-call deliverables – After each virtual event, members will receive profiles of each company that presented, along with contact information and a link to the entire recorded session.
  • Exclusive Access to Monthly Newscast – News and updates from your hosts on emerging technologies.
  • 5 VIP Council Invites for Associates – 5 VIP invites you can share with associates and additional business leaders for discounted membership to the Council.
  • Corporate Membership – This includes 1 primary membership that enjoys all benefits, and 5 memberships for colleagues in your department to participate in the virtual events series.


Erick Schonfeld
Neal Silverman

Virtual Session Topics Include:

  1. Gaining Competitive Advantage Through the Cloud
  2. Boosting The Productivity of a Mobile Workforce
  3. Security: Avoiding The Next Major Data Breach
  4. Social Media, Big Data, and Marketing
  5. The New Era of Machine Learning
  6. The Industrial Internet of Things
  7. 3-D Printing in the Supply Chain
  8. Telling Stories Through Virtual Reality

Hosted by Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman

Hosts Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman are founding partners of Traction Technology Partners. They are technology insiders with years of experience building and running DEMO and TechCrunch, and growing Business 2.0, Fortune, and Fast Company. They’ve been working with the world’s best startups and forward-thinking enterprises for 25 years.
Erick has been discovering and working with startups his entire professional career as a technology journalist, startup event producer, and founder. Erick is a co-founder of TouchCast, the leading interactive video platform, and a partner at bMuse, a startup studio in New York City. He is the former Executive Producer of the DEMO conferences and former Editor-in-Chief of TechCrunch (where he helped conceive, lead and select startups for the Disrupt conferences, among other duties). Prior to TechCrunch, which he joined as Co-Editor in 2007, Erick was Editor-at-Large for Business 2.0 magazine, and a senior writer at Fortune magazine covering technology.

Neal has in-depth knowledge of both emerging technologies and the technology needs of larger enterprises. He served 15 years as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of DEMO—the world-renowned launching pad for emerging technology. Neal oversaw the expansion into international events, online development, and its professional services practice. He led the expansion of the DEMO brand into China, Singapore, Africa, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, and Brazil. Prior to joining DEMO (part of IDG Enterprise), Neal held executive management positions at Fast Company Magazine, US News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal, and CMGI.

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