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When we gather as women and focus our collective energy; powerful outcomes immerge. We naturally teach, mentor, support and cheer for and with each other. NOW is the time to step into higher levels of leadership and impact.

Kathleen Caldwell, Women’s Leadership Council Facilitator and Leader.

As a C-Suite Network Advisor, Investor, Thought Council member, professional speaker, author, podcast host and business coach, Kathleen Caldwell and her team will collaborate with you and your colleagues in this Council to create not only a successful career but also a meaningful life. We will focus on how to “Get In. Stay In and Thrive In The C-Suite.” ™

The Women’s Leadership Council will focus on strategies to monetize our expertise to “Be seen, heard and paid as experts” ™ both in and outside of our organizations.

This Council is dedicated to facilitating a community of services around our member’s needs by:
• Operating in a safe and trusted environment to learn, discuss, share and support
• Teaching state-of-the-art business and career-enhancing techniques
• Developing new business ideas, marketing concepts, and growth initiatives
• Problem-solving issues and creating new strategies and opportunities – get the inspiration you need
• Facilitating genuine networking and connection that leads to more business, profits, opportunities, and fun!


The Women’s Leadership Council is a group of talented and committed peers who genuinely support and encourage each other. We are growing and scaling our careers and businesses for more impact, profits, leverage, and opportunities for a freedom lifestyle.

This private group is comprised of women professionals who want to build a sustainable business and career with expertise and assets they can monetize and grow. We are very collaborative and action-oriented (providing specific strategies), giving our members plans, input and feedback that is time tested and proven. We are here to help you build a growing, recurring revenue stream around you, your intellectual property by adding valuable products and services.

Members of this Women’s Leadership Council will have the opportunity to learn from fellow Council members, guest expert lecturers, and Kathleen Caldwell, as the guide and facilitator of this Council.
Membership is a major benefit of the Women’s Leadership Council, but it’s not the only one. Women’s Leadership Council members receive:
• All meetings and workshops led by Kathleen Caldwell, global business mentor, guide and business strategist
• Inspiration and knowledge from global thought leaders and expert guest lecturers
• Support from influential and highly connected business leaders
• Tools to build your global community and monetize it by building your online and in-person platforms
• Strategies and tips to create a recurring revenue stream around you and your intellectual property, passions and purpose
• Peer learning amongst top business experts
• Recorded copies of all meetings for future reference and use
• C-Suite Network member introductions and partner referrals
• Access to the Women’s Leadership Council team as a resource for any questions or input
• C-Suite Network Executive Membership
• 50% Discount on C-Suite Network Media Packages
• OPTIONAL: One Year “Women’s Thought Leadership ™ Accelerator” program for extensive education, personal branding, mentoring and coaching to quickly create products, programs, and services to scale, add additional income and reinvent your business and career.


The Women’s Leadership Council includes two meetings a year that coincide with the C-Suite Network Conferences to which you also receive an invitation.

In addition to our invaluable face-to-face events, we also have monthly Digital Leadership Discussions and Women’s Leadership Council Webinars where we meet via video conference to keep us on track, accountable, and inspired!

Bonus For Women’s Thought Leadership Accelerator Program: Women’s Leadership Council members who participate in the optional year-long Thought Leadership Accelerator program, will have additional retreats to integrate and embody their highest leadership possibilities and success.


Kathleen Caldwell is CEO of Caldwell Consulting Group, LLC and founder of the Women’s Thought Leadership Institute ™. She is a credentialed and certified leadership coach, professional speaker, and author who has mentored and advised thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and business teams around the world to greater success.

Ms. Caldwell has received numerous awards and honors including Woman of Distinction and Entrepreneurial Excellence designations and was recently honored as a GEM – Generous, Enthusiastic and Motivated leader in the community. Ms. Caldwell serves on several boards and committees including the United Way of Greater McHenry County.

Awards, aside, Ms. Caldwell is known best as a connector and influencer and is excited to bring her alliances and new business strategies from “The League”, a group of 7 figure earning women CEO’s and the C-Suite Network Thought Council to support women’s business and career success.

In her spare time, Kathleen is a certified Zumba instructor, health coach, and success hypnotherapist and has a passion for international travel and ballroom dancing with her sweetheart and husband, Michael.

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You are invited to join the Women’s Leadership Council, a special group of invitation-only corporate and entrepreneurial peers. These successful and motivated women are committed to building strong, scalable careers and businesses. The Council members will share the strategies, tools, and techniques to build a successful career and lifestyle. The Council will also focus on strategies to truly become the CEO’s of our careers and businesses.