About Us 

The C-Suite Network Veteran Business Leaders Council is an organization dedicated to helping Veteran Business Executives connect to, learn from, and inspire one another.

We believe that military service provides a unique, unquantifiable background, which helps leaders across every industry build successful companies and organizations. Our goals are to help willing executives establish great collaborative teams within their organizations, markets, and industries.


Members of the C-Suite Network Veteran Business Leaders Council will receive the benefits of a C-Suite Network Executive Level membership. Members will also receive advice from other national non-profits and business advisors in the C-Suite Network.

  • Monthly webinars featuring experts of various disciplines designed to engage and provide new thought leadership in professional and personal development
  • Monthly newsletters highlighting members and ideas
  • Two in-person meetings a year in conjunction with C-Suite Network Events


Monthly digital webinars designed to help our member’s personal and professional growth.

Two in-person meetings held in conjunction with C-Suite Network conferences.

Along with networking, these in-person meetings will also feature an opportunity to collaborate with a local community service and veterans outreach projects.


The C-Suite Network Veteran Business Leaders Council is dedicated to helping executives with military backgrounds continue to grow, develop, and share with like-minded individuals from similar backgrounds. We are striving to improve one another and find other veteran’s initiatives to assist our struggling peers and make a positive impact on their communities and the outside world.