Sports Saves!

  1. Sports will save the economy from the death of the middle class.
  2. Sports will save the public from financial predators.
  3. Sports will save many from preventable health disorders.


  1. Creating an asset class around sports will grow the largest financial market in history.
  2. Financial education will happen naturally around sports markets when quality tools are available.
  3. The entire sports ecosystem will expand including increased physical interest.

Tell Me.

For almost 20 years, we’ve been ‘in the lab’ perfecting, the World’s First Sports Stock Market®. This has certainly not been easy with the setbacks of The Great Recession of 2008. As the category creator, we designed and developed the market and financial instrument that facilitate investment in the performance of a sports team. The key distinction is ‘investment’. The worldwide public, institutional investors and the sports industry itself can invest in the performance of sports teams and leagues without going public or giving up any equity. Think in terms of The Green Bay Packers in a market model. On our platform, teams and leagues can raise money and generate a continuous passive income stream at very low cost and almost zero risk.  With the advent of a more permissive environment around sports betting, now is the moment to offer sports investing as a viable, healthy and lucrative alternative. We are looking for teams who want to raise funds and partners in and around the industry to build The New Sports Economy.

About Us

The Sports Investing Advisory Council was founded by Chris Rabalais, The New Sports Economy Institute and AllSportsMarket. Turning sports into an asset class will create jobs, teach finance and improve lives worldwide.

AllSportsMarket (“ASM”) is an experimental exchange where investors can buy and sell sports teams, just like traditional stocks, and earn dividends when their teams win or appreciate in value. The ASM exchange is operated by The New Sports Economy Institute (“NSEI”), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization registered in California and approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

Sports investing gives teams virtually unlimited global non-recourse fundraising, passive income and increased fan engagement.

Sports investing provides a method for fans to be able to invest in the performance of their favorite sports teams and build for the future.

Sports investing helps governments create jobs, enhance the tax base, and increase financial literacy without vice costs.


Membership in the Sports Investing Advisory Council gets you priority access to information and discussion around the emerging sports asset class as well as all offers related to AllSportsMarket and the New Sports Economy Institute. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of sports and finance.

The Council is also in the process of creating an events program which will be available in the future.


The Sports Investing Advisory Council is looking for a mix of everyone, passionate sports fans to diligent investors. If you want to help us build the New Sports Economy around a healthy mix of money and sports, this is the council for you.

There are no fees and no levels. Everyone is welcome.