The Specialty Tax Council was established to provide innovative strategies to reduce or defer taxes. The Council’s goal is to provide its members with unique solutions to keep as much of the money they earn as legally permissible as well as the appreciation of the businesses they’ve built or the growth of investments when sold.  Our Chairman, Michael Packman, has extensive experience in tax-advantaged real estate transactions. The Council currently offers its members real estate tax related advice, however, will expand into other areas starting in 2019.


The Specialty Tax Council partners with Keystone National Properties Real Estate (KNPRE). KNPRE has expertise in a variety of tax strategies leveraging real estate tax law. The Council is dedicated to educating you on how you can potentially maximize your tax deductions legally based on well-established tax law and precedent including 1031 tax-free exchanges and conservation easements (click here to watch interview).

Greg Greenberg of C-Suite Network interviews Michael Packman of Keystone National Properties RE

For a brief video describing conservation easements, please click on the link below:


Not all specialty tax needs are the same, which is why the KNPRE team is comprised of attorneys, accountants, and specialists in finance and real estate whose expertise can meet your unique needs. The Specialty Tax Council has worked with KNPRE to provide educational resources for:

  • C-Suite Executives and Business Owners
  • Investors
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Finance Professionals


Michael Packman, Principal-KNPRE

Michael Packman is the founder of Keystone National Properties.  Packman began his career more than 20 years ago in the finance industry.  During the first chapter of his career, Packman quickly rose through the ranks of the first firm he worked for, becoming the youngest Vice President in the firm’s history. Additionally, Packman oversaw the Long Island region for the brokerage arm of a major international financial firm.

In 2003, Packman formed his own diversified financial company.  After the downturn, real estate, especially 1031 exchanges, became a major focus. The company grew to a very well-respected advisory firm in the space and led to a successful exit from the business. Packman is Chairman of the C-Suite Network Specialty Tax Council, which focuses on innovative strategies to reduce or defer taxes.  Packman’s entrepreneurial endeavors now also include co-founding Bundlefi, a financial technology start-up where he serves as Vice-Chairman.

Packman frequently speaks at family office events both large and small as well as some of the nationally recognized business and real estate conferences. Packman is the 1031 expert contributor for the New York Real Estate Journal and has been featured in the Real Deal.  Packman is a well-respected leader in his community who throughout the years has served on several advisory and non-profit boards.

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The Specialty Tax Council is open to fellow industry members and business leaders who want to learn more about the financial world of business. If you are interested in the services offered or membership, please click on the learn more button below.