The Mindful Leadership Council is the premiere community for where mindfulness and leadership connect. As a council, we work to create, contribute, and advance mindful leadership as a practice in the workplace. This is an elite group of professionals dedicated to the application of what mindfulness is, and the advancement of personal and emotional support for leaders to grow the income and impact of their businesses.

The Council provided this through education at virtual meetings, in-person conferences, podcasts, television shows and authorship including books, blogs, and white papers.

Executives Join This Council to:

  • Improve their leadership influence and impact
  • Focus more strategically and for more extended periods
  • Manage their stress more sustainably
  • Build resilience, reliance on gut instinct, and confidence
  • Implement programs to infuse mindful leadership into workplace culture
  • Elevate executive presence
  • Improve team performance
  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence (emotional intelligence)
  • Experience composure and calm in crisis and chaos
  • Improve relationships both personally and professionally
  • Communicate, both listen and speak more effectively
  • Break unproductive beliefs, thoughts, and actions

Council Benefits

Executive Member – $1,000 a year

The Executive membership includes access to C-Suite Network content and events and other benefits such as:

  • Access to the Everyday Mindfulness Show
  • Mindful Leadership Council Newsletter
  • Invitation to National C-Suite Networking Conferences
  • C-Suite Network Digital Events
  • Four free books per year from C-Suite Book Club
  • Access to C-Suite Network Councils & Content
  • C-Suite Monthly Newsletter
  • Personalized Concierge Services
  • Access to Mindful Leadership Council content
Leader – $5,000 a year

The Leader membership includes the same access to C-Suite Network content and events but also includes exclusive mindfulness coaching rates and in-person opportunities.

  • Mindful Leadership Council digital events
  • Mindful Leadership Council live events
  • Mindful Leadership Council working groups
  • Exclusive member rates on keynotes, Mindful Executive Coaching and Corporate Mindfulness Consulting
Influencer – $10,000 a year

The Influencer membership includes the same access to C-Suite Network content and events, as well as the exclusive mindfulness coaching rates listed above, but also includes access to Hero Club events content and benefits.

  • Hero Club Member Only Meetings
  • Hero Club Digital Meetings
  • Hero Club workshops, coaching, and training
  • Personalized prioritization of membership
  • Hero Club monthly newsletter
  • Invitation to Hero Club summits across North America
  • Exclusive member services

Council Events

The Council will have monthly digital discussions and one annual executive mindful leadership conference in addition to the events offered by the C-Suite Network opportunities.

Leadership Team

Holly Duckworth – CEO of Leadership Solutions International

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP is CEO of Leadership Solutions International, is co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Council, a trailblazer transforming businesses and industries as a contributor to the New York Times, Producer/Host of the Everyday Mindfulness Show with more than 150 episodes, and columnist to countless industry publications she works with stressed-out leaders to create, peace, presence, and profits. Holly has provided keynote programs on applied mindful leadership around the world. Today Holly takes the best of her strategic vision expertise, blends it with mindful leadership practices and her event background to curate conversations, and experiential events that change hearts, minds and companies.

Our world has become mindless. Through mindfulness training, Holly works with you to know what mindfulness is, what it is not. Then apply your mindfulness techniques to produce more productive and profitable organizations.

Holly’s was named Biz Bash most influential in 2018 & 2019, Meetings Today 2018 Trend Setter for her applied mindfulness work and 2016 Smart Meetings Woman of the Year. Holly’s current best-selling book, Sell More, Stress Less: 52 Tips To Become A Mindful Sales Professional offers mindful tips for sales leaders. Her daily motivational book Mindful Leadership: The Stress-Free Guide to leadership is a best seller and her award-winning book Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success has won two national awards. Holly believes mindfulness builds leaders and organizations that work for everyone.

Eric Szymanski – Consultant with Leadership Solutions International

Eric Szymanski is co-founder of the C-Suite Mindful Leadership Council an award-winning American hospitality industry professional with extensive sales & marketing leadership experience. Eric has demonstrated success in leading high-performing sales teams through planning, implementing and monitoring actionable sales and marketing plans at hotels and resorts of all sizes, including city-center, convention district, airport and attractions areas. He has a proven track record of success at all levels through the achievement of both individual and team goals for several 1st tier, globally recognized brands.  Throughout his career, Eric has created authentic, world-class experiences while volunteering at all levels in several meetings industry associations.  In 2018, Eric was recognized with the top individual sales award in his convention sales division. In 2002, he was recognized as Caterer of the Year by the Orlando, Florida Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives. He is an avid runner, choral music performer & father of twin daughters.

Join Today

As the Founders of the Mindful Leadership Council, our vision to be a catalyst for the advancement of everyday mindfulness around the world. To dissolve any misinformation about what mindfulness is, and advance mindfulness as a valued leadership practice that crosses business functions.

Our intention is to make an intersection between income and impact with this council by having an engaged group of mindful leaders. We look for members who are curious about how to integrate mindfulness into their business performance and workplace culture. All Council memberships are vetted prior to acceptance.