The Mastermind Investment Council is designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives turn their previous success into lifelong wealth and personal freedom. We all know that there is a limit to how many hours a person can work each day, week, month, or year, but there’s literally no limit to how long and hard a person’s wealth can work for them.

The Council helps these individuals navigate the waters of private “Angel” investing where they can use their wealth to help early-stage ventures get off the ground, helping entrepreneurs realize their visions, and creating massive wealth in the process.

The Council focuses only on private investments that are not available to the general public through a series of monthly lunch-and-learn events, online training, and quarterly mastermind retreats.

In addition to these events, the Council members can participate in AIN’s Pitch Tank events as VIP guests to meet and network with other investors and contestants and mingle with our executive team and celebrity judges.

Further, at the highest tier, Council members also join The Hero Club and participate in all the events the Hero Club has to offer and all benefits therein


The Mastermind Investment Council is designed to service business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net worth investors with at least $1 million in net worth. There are two membership options:

The Inner Circle membership is $997/ year ($497/ year for Hero Club members) and includes access to a newsletter and educational content pertaining specifically to the Council and Angel investing.

The Diamond membership was created to help support business owners doing under $500,000 per year in annual revenue. At the price of $500/month or $5,000/year ($4,000/year for Hero Club members) this membership includes all of the benefits of a C-Suite Network membership. Diamond members receive:

  1. Two virtual coaching calls per month on marketing, sales, executive management, and raising capital
  2. Self-guided business evaluation- find out the true value of your business
  3. Over 100 hours of recorded coaching calls and virtual training
  4. Discounted event pricing for Pitch Tank events


In addition to all Hero Club benefits, attend an extra day for our council meetings to discuss potential investments, shareholder updates, and private investment opportunities open only to our members. Additionally, companies having received an investment from our members or fund are provided a business evaluation, and an opportunity to receive direct help in scaling their business from our Council members. This is the “Mastermind” portion of the council- where our members help each other find new ways to create business breakthroughs and build wealth in the process.


As a US Navy Submariner, Jeff Barnes traveled the world underwater at extreme depths, running a nuclear power plant and sleeping with torpedoes while learning invaluable skills. His innate leadership ability and understanding of complex systems allowed him to run the largest division on his submarine and take charge of the ship’s quality control program.

After an honorable discharge from the Navy, Jeff took his expertise and experience to Corporate America, helping clients grow their businesses as a risk management consultant and helping entrepreneurs develop strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Running an international division of a Fortune 100 company, Jeff spearheaded innovation efforts, bringing advanced technologies to the global market.

In 2018 Jeff took over the CEO role at Angel Investors Network to help more entrepreneurs bring their products, services, and technology to the market as an advisor, mentor, coach, and venture fund manager. As an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and CEO, Jeff enjoys helping business owners structure, systematize, and optimize their operations allowing them to scale quickly. As the manager of the Angels & Heroes Venture Growth Fund, he finds opportunities for his investors to make great returns by investing in the next generation of private companies.

During his free time, he sits on the board of Lifeschool, a nonprofit helping kids gain life-skills they don’t learn in school. Jeff also spends a great deal of time coaching his two boys’ sports teams with his wife, enjoying the outdoors and traveling.

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The Mastermind Investment Council is designed to service business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net worth investors. If you are looking to build your wealth and legacy through the process of angel investing, consider joining today.