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The Marketing IMPACT Council™ welcomes you to a new kind of engagement and experience for C-Suite leaders such as yourself.

The world of Marketing is undergoing constant evolution and disruption. Much of this seismic change is driven by technology coupled with an increased need by our customers and clients for more relevant messaging and touchpoints.


In partnership with the C-Suite Network™ (the World’s Most Trusted Network for C-Suite leaders), we have launched a new model for engagement with a focus on growth, development, and networking in the C-Suite.

The Marketing IMPACT Council seeks a new kind of engagement and experience for C-suite leaders, as the world of marketing undergoes constant evolution and disruption. The Council is a data-driven, channel and technology agnostic resource that unifies all silos while addressing all aspects of the roles and interrelationships of people, processes, and technologies that are shaping and affecting the impact of the overall marketing process. The Council provides the opportunity, forum, and structure for executives to fill key gaps, “connect the dots” and better understand, leverage, and maximize the impact of the continuously evolving and expanding suite of marketing resources. We call this “Big M” Marketing and it covers everything from the highest level of business strategy to all aspects of execution. “Big M” and its IMPACT are NOT just relevant to the CMO. It is relevant to everyone in the C-suite and other leadership positions who are significant stakeholders in their organization’s marketing processes. The Council offers both Individual and Company Memberships.



JOHN GRECO is an award-winning marketing, business development, and trade association executive. He is recognized as a thought leader in value creation at the intersection of marketing, technology, and business development; and nonprofit, association, and federation management. John is the founding member, owner, and Chairman of the Marketing IMPACT Council™ executed in partnership with the C-Suite Network™.

John is also Managing Director of Social Prospectors,  which fosters customer engagement, prospecting, and acquisition by optimizing the direct response potential of social media and linking social media with other channels.

John is also cofounder of Greco Associates (GA) where he is Chairman and CEO. GA is an integrated solutions provider and with its strategic partners offers a wide range of products and services to both the for-profit and nonprofit segments including: integrated omni-channel marketing including extensive relationships with the digital marketing agency community; market research, intelligence, and data analytics; business development including extensive private equity firm relationships; talent management; affinity, loyalty, rewards programs; and telehealth/telemedicine, strategic healthcare, and other benefit programs.

John previously served as President and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) where his leadership in the areas of privacy and data security was critical to the organization and its members both from the advocacy/public policy perspective as well as in terms of leveraging best practices in consumer choice and control across all marketing channels.

Beginning his career at RCA as a design engineer and product manager, John then joined AT&T in its renowned Leadership Continuity Program where he held a broad range of marketing, sales, technology, and business development leadership positions.  His AT&T career culminated as the Director of their Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winning Consumer Laboratory, the Marketing Sciences Center of Excellence at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Then at RR Donnelley (RRD), he was Senior Vice President of marketing, technology, and business development for Donnelley’s Financial Services Business unit. John then served as President and CEO of the Yellow Pages Publishers Association, which was rebranded as the Local Search Association.

John served on the boards of the Ad Council, Advertising Week, ProLiteracy Worldwide, Literacy Volunteers of America, Alliance for Learning, and Interclass as well as on the advisory boards of Brilig, an online data exchange acquired by Merkle and then Personify, an association and donor management system provider. John also served on the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ National Advertising Review Council (NARC) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Committee of 100. John was a trustee of Monmouth University where he was Chairman of the Admissions and Enrollment Committee and a member of the Executive, Advancement, Athletics, and Presidential Search Committees.

John currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Opentopic, an IBM Watson artificial intelligence business partner; the advisory board of Blue Sky eLearn, which provides a full range of learning and virtual event services; the advisory board of Patient Privacy Rights, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore patient control over personal health information; and the United Nations’ Health Data task force. He holds an MBA from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Monmouth University both with honors.


PAUL A. MCDONNOUGH has spent the past 20 years as a Global Tradeshow and Event Management Professional.
Most recently, Paul served as Divisional Director of the Life Sciences and Healthcare business unit at IQPC (International Quality and Production Center, a division of Penton Learning System), where he was responsible for the launch of events focused on the digitization occurring within the industry. Working alongside a committee of ignitors from Merck, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Takeda, Paul launched cutting-edge educational programs and shows on AI in Drug Discovery, Intelligent Automation in Pharma/Healthcare and Digital Marketing in Pharma.

Paul is known for his innovative learning styles and disruptive patterns of engagement. Wherever he has worked, he has made bold changes and shaken up the conventional model of shows and conferences.

Paul got his first taste of “big box” tradeshows during his tenure at the Data & Marketing Association (formerly known as Direct Marketing Association), where he served a distinguished twelve-year career as Vice President of Conference & Events. His portfolio of events, totaling $10M in net revenue, included DMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (&THEN), Marketing Analytics Conference, IMW (Integrated Marketing Week) and DMA’s Awards Programs (ECHO, Innovation Awards, Marketer of the Year, and Hall of Fame).

Between 2003–2004 Paul was Founder, Sole Proprietor and CEO of P&T Enterprise, a full-service event management company focused solely on the production of two/three-day Conferences and Experiences.

Paul’s early years in the production of Live B2B Events began as Vice President/Conference Director at KNect365 (formerly Institute for International Research), leading a team of content/event developers in the Finance/Capital Markets and the Public-Sector area.

Paul is a graduate with a degree in Business Management and Organizational Theory from the University of Miami, FL.Paul has numerous recognitions and achievements in both the private and public sector including:
• Appointee-Office of Presidential Personnel: Sept. 1989–Jan 1990
• Who’s Who in American Politics: 1993–1994, 1996–1997
• Outstanding Young Men of America: 1987, 1996
• Consultant to political campaigns (Presidential, Senatorial and Gubernatorial) in Florida, North Carolina and New York

Paul also has traveled globally to observe and develop a greater understanding of trade and commerce between the US and numerous partner nations. Including and not limited to: Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, and Australia.


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