About Us

The C-Suite Manufacturing Council is dedicated to helping improve manufacturing in the United States through thought leadership and working groups dedicated to producing solutions to the problems manufacturers face. Such as:

  • Innovation – Why is the US being out-innovated in the world marketplace and what do we do about it?
  • Workforce – How do we solve the workforce deficit and change the perception of US manufacturing?
  • Policy – How do we adapt to changing tariffs and government policies?
  • Supply chain – How do we shorten the supply chain and connect with manufacturers closer to our facilities and why can’t we find them today?
  • Process taxonomy – Why is there no standard definition of manufacturing processes and how do we build and maintain one?


 Members of the C-Suite Manufacturing Council receive:

  • access to content created by the Council
  • invitations to council events and working groups, including two in-person meetings and two digital meetings
  • networking opportunities
  • combining with other great minds in the industry to derive practical solutions
  • opportunities to help produce thought leadership content

Members may also opt for additional C-Suite benefits by becoming an influencer, leader, or participant in Council decision making.


The C-Suite Manufacturing Council holds two digital and two in-person member meetings each year. The two in-person meetings are held in conjunction with C-Suite Network Conferences in June and December.

In 2019 there is one additional meeting being held in Las Vegas on March 21st. Those opting for the ‘Leader’ member are also invited to attend the C-Suite Hero Club event being held in Las Vegas March 18th-20th.


The C-Suite Manufacturing Council is looking for leaders in manufacturing dedicated to making manufacturing thrive. Thought leaders and influencers help make a positive impact on their companies, their industry, their country, and every life made better by the efforts of great manufacturers. Every individual can help, many can bring about change, and we can help you do it!


$0 /year

  • Access to C-Suite Manufacturing Council Content
Base Membership

$275 /year

  • Invitation to Council Events
  • Invitation to Council Working Groups

$1000 /year

  • C-Suite Network Membership Black
  • Invitation to National C-Suite Network Conferences
  • Admission to Premier Digital & VIP In-Person Events
  • Executive Retreat Programs
  • Access C-Suite Network Councils & Content
  • Access to Local Members & Info
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Option To Join Decision Making Team

$10,000 /year

  • Hero Club Membership (if qualified)
  • Annual Member Only Meetings
  • Coaching & Training
  • Membership Prioritization
  • 1-Month Follow Up Call
  • Access to the Hero Club Facebook Page
  • Invitations Hero Club City Summits
  • Personal Introductions Designed to Grow Your Business
  • Other VIP Invitations & Opportunities
  • Option to Join Decision Making Team