The Health & Wellness Council was established to provide innovative strategies to reduce healthcare expenses and increase productivity for any business. The Council’s goal is to provide its members with unique solutions to keep as much of the money they earn as legally permissible as well as the appreciation of the businesses they’ve built or the growth of investments when sold.

The Council Chairman, Brian Hazelgren, is a best-selling author and CEO of Rx2Live – a medical services and well-being company. Brian has extensive experience in medical services and products and has been driving new revenue streams in medicine for 16 years and saving companies billions of dollars in healthcare costs. The Council currently offers its members health and wellness related advice, however, will expand into other areas starting in 2020.

Why Join?

Creation and Access to best practices in Health and Well-Being programs and services.

A council of thought leaders in health and wellness to come up with meaningful solutions to the health & wellness challenges business leaders face.

Rising healthcare costs are suffocating business. Productivity is lacking. Workers Comp Claims are out of control. Poor health and chronic illnesses are costing American businesses $1 Trillion every year, and they have to raise prices to pay for it. Employees show up at 50% capacity. Absenteeism and Presenteeism are on the rise. Consumers suffer as well with higher costs of goods. If employees aren’t healthy – they aren’t productive!

The Council offers solutions to businesses. Make health and wellness fun with metrics in place to measure how effective it is. Drive down healthcare costs. Decrease Workers Comp claims. Increase productivity. Provide an Assessment of how to improve the bottom line of Health & Wellness.

The Council meets often – Meet in person 4X per year – as a Council; Monthly discussion webinars; bi-weekly update articles. Potential to be a guest on Brian Hazelgren’s podcast Health Beat.

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The Health & Wellness Council partners with Rx2Live International to deliver best practices, innovative health, and wellness options, cutting edge products and services. The Council is dedicated to educating you on how you can maximize your healthcare and well-being options on well-established employer initiatives to cut costs, and dramatically increase productivity. We show corporate leaders how to tie Wellness into the overall Corporate StrategyRx2Live has expertise in a variety of vertical markets and delivers an innovative array of products and services for hacking health and wellness.

Services and Products Designed to Save on Healthcare Expenses and Drive Higher Productivity:

  • Screenings for physicians to review patient progress in mental health, and cancer Chronic Care Management for Medicare Patients
  • Genetic Blueprint/DNA Testing for Optimal Fitness and Health
  • Core Nutrient Supplements
  • Workplace Wellness App and EAP System
  • Dental Program Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen
  • Diagnostic Lab Services
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Full Body Assessment
  • Energy IV Drips and Shots
  • Health Benefits Plan designed for small to medium-sized companies
  • Weight Loss System including Coaching
  • Skin Care/Hair & Scalp Care/Foot Care products

Not all healthcare needs are the same, which is why the Rx2Live team is comprised of specialists in medical services and health care options whose expertise can meet your unique needs. The Health & Wellness Council has worked with Rx2Live to provide educational resources for:

  • C-Suite Executives and Business Owners
  • Employees
  • HR Professionals
  • Vendor Partners
  • Sponsors


Brian Hazelgren, CEO Rx2Live

Brian Hazelgren is an award-winning author, a successful motivational speaker, and a globally recognized expert in startups, entrepreneurship, sales & marketing, business planning, and leadership training. Brian has written 14 books – including the #1 book on business planning and has trained over 75,000 business executives and college students throughout the world for the past 30 years. He has brought in most of the partnerships to RX2Live and designed the systems for revenue generation for the company and its franchisees. Brian designed and implemented the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Utah, and was an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship from 2001-2011. During his career, he has developed new income streams for hospitals and local physicians to the tune of over $1.3 billion. He also developed a charity to assist military veterans in finding jobs, building their own business, and receiving scholarship funds. Hazelgren is Chairman of the C-Suite Network Health & Wellness Council, which focuses on innovative strategies to reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity.  Hazelgren frequently speaks at corporate events both large and small as well as some of the nationally recognized business and healthcare conferences.

Michelle Harthill, Managing Partner- Harthill Marketing Services

Michelle is an accomplished Marketing Strategy Leader with many years of proven expertise in developing integrated programs aligned with sales growth of brands for globally known Consumer Package Goods (CPG) companies. She has a strong history of sales & marketing success for CPG companies in niche channels to include Military – DeCA (Defense Commissary Agency) and AAFES/Exchange. Michelle also excels at delivering sales driven results aligned with strategic marketing approach – while building brand development and awareness in a competitive marketplace. She is able to provide strategic marketing direction aligned with brand objective and develop strong marketing programs to include Social Media, Shopper Marketing, Brand Awareness, Product Partnership/Cross Merchandising, Cause Marketing, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Digital Consumer Engagement, and Event Sponsorship.

Dan Olsen – Coach Dan-O

Dan has been instrumental in the development of several of the fastest growing franchise brands business licensing opportunities in the nation. Dan has over 27 years’ experience creating, developing and building various franchises and business opportunities. He has owned several master franchises and has helped hundreds of people get their own businesses. The companies he has represented are now doing billions of dollars in sales and are responsible for creating thousands of new franchise owners. Dan has created wildly successful franchisee business planning systems to help other people achieve success. He has helped various franchisors achieve 100% to 400% increase in their bottom line profits as a result of franchise sales systems and other operation programs to enhance the bottom line. Dan also serves as Chairman of the Board for RX2Live.

Evan Sanchez – Managing Partner, Springboard Consulting

With a proven track record as an entrepreneur, superior sales management skills and the heart of a coach, Evan is often called upon to help small and large businesses reach higher levels of performance by harnessing the skills and assets they have already within their organizations. His Intuitive FLOW coaching psychology also inspires companies to make the culture changes and organizational adjustments necessary to thrive and grow and encourage their employees to become part of their successes. By championing leadership, communication, sales performance, critical thinking, and work/life balance, Sanchez, develops customized plans and workshops, consultations and team-building programs to ensure success. Small and medium-size businesses often report revenue increases of 20-30 percent, improved capabilities, and decreases in conflicts and improvements in employee morale.

Alan Davis – CEO, i5 Services

Entrepreneur, thought leader, leader of strategic initiatives with expertise in business process and systems analysis; solution design, development and implementation; process improvement; cross-functional collaboration; and talent development. Alan led a team of accounting, technical, audit and process improvement professionals to create and develop a ‘real-time’ audit and trade fund accounting solution for one of the top 3 U.S. auto parts retailers. Multi-million dollar receivable problem resolved to current within 4 months. Assumed operation of trade fund accounting representing ~7% of annual revenues. Process improvements improved write-off problem by more than 50%. Transformed traditional audit services to be delivered in ‘real-time’ providing solution to recover more than $3M in the current operating year.

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