The Cryptocurrency Council provides the opportunity, forum, and structure for companies and executives leading the advancement and acceptance of cryptocurrency to drive the discussion with regard to understanding, leveraging and maximizing the impact of the evolving and expanding crypto-economy.


The Cryptocurrency Council is dedicated to providing opportunities to:

  • Educate members and advance the discussion of cryptocurrency and its impact on the economy
  • Develop and distribute thought leadership content to C-Suite Network and cryptocurrency channels
  • Network with peers to:
    • Identify emerging cryptocurrency trends
    • Share the latest regulation developments
    • Collaborate on solutions to advance the crypto economy
  • Attend four annual membership in-person exclusive networking events


The Cryptocurrency Council seeks to unify the senior executives of businesses and organizations that embrace, develop and support the use of cryptocurrency. The members address all aspects of the crypto economy and the role, strategies, and tactics that shape cryptocurrency’s use and global impact.