A trusted executive network of AI experts from Technology, Education, and Thought Leaders focused on the growth of AI across the US. Through knowledge exchange and discussions we support the growth and adoption of AI across a variety of industries. Our members are passionate about AI and actively participate in the rapid development and AI advances that are changing the way we view our data and business models. As a group, we encourage dialogue around the advances in all cognitive learning, machine learning and AI solutions. The council provides education and awareness to C Level executives in all industries to drive and develop the business acumen around AI and how it affects their business. We promote the safeguarding and building of shareholder value while ensuring social and ethical responsibility though the use of AI solutions.


The Artificial Intelligence Council membership, priced at $2,500, includes a Black Level membership with the C-Suite Network. Membership benefits include:

  • Access to C-Suite Network Events
  • 4 Free books a year with the C-Suite Book Club
  • Telehealth Services
  • Executive Briefings webinar series
  • Discounted services and products
  • Networking with peers
  • Social Media activation on the C-Suite Network
  • Content Distribution


The Council will host monthly webinars and two annual events that coincide with C-Suite Network conferences in Q2 and Q4.


The Artificial Intelligence Council strives to educate C-level executives on Artificial Intelligence and how to apply these technologies to their business strategies and to bring together AI experts to encourage new ideas and solutions for the AI market. We are working create a community of C-Level executives are thought leaders and educators on the topic.