C-Suite Network Advisor Article Guidelines

The C-Suite Network is a community of business leaders with a wealth of experience worth sharing. We encourage members to share the biggest lessons you’ve learned, experiences earned, and problem-solving techniques you can share that will help others on their business journey.

By providing valuable action-oriented content on your subject matter expertise, you help strengthen your personal brand and stature as a business leader in your field while increasing your SEO on your core content areas.

Add Links: Over 75% of contributed articles don’t link to the author site or supporting materials. Embed links to original sources of information (studies, stats, etc.) as well as influencers and brands mentioned in your articles. (Tag them when you post). Anecdotes, quotes, studies, data stats should all be sourced or linked to their source material.

Photos: All contributors must use copyright-free photographs in their articles. Sourced from either our Media Library or via license free photo image sites like Unsplash

Original Content ONLY: We can only accept original copy that is exclusive to C-Suite Network. YOU CANNOT copy and paste existing articles or blogs from other sites and publish to the Network. It hurts you and us! Search Engines will harm our and your SEO performance dramatically for such actions. If you produce an article on the same content subject you have already produced elsewhere, the new articles must be at least 25% different than the original content (images don’t apply).  Plagiarism will result in removal from the platform.

Length: Articles must be 250 words minimum to post to the Network however our recommended word count is between 700-1,000 words. Longer-form articles perform better in search results for advisors. In fact, the top 10 average suggested articles on any given search engine inquiry are directed to articles over 1,000-word minimums.

Content We Discourage:As a media platform we reserve the right to maintain our quality standards for readers and fellow contributors who are also providing expert content. We aim to create a valuable and uniformed experience readers.

No Commercial Postings (Teach Don’t Sell): Any editorial coverage that is overly commercial in design will not be accepted. This is your chance to educate not sell.

No Self-Promotion | Value Add ONLY : Our editorial guidelines operate on a “teach don’t sell” philosophy. Articles are a way to bolster your credibility as a thought leader and expert by helping provide critical insights. The platform is  not a place to commercialize your company or services you provide.

Proofreading and spell-check the document: Your articles need to be proof-read and spell/grammar checked prior to submitting.  Articles that are in bad shape may be rejected for further revision.

Editorial judgment: C-Suite Network reserves the right to edit all content submitted for publication, including grammar, formatting, headlines and length. We reserve the right to reject content for any reason. Any violation of our policies can result in removal of content or removal from the platform at the editors’ discretion.