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Would You Buy from You? Many people cannot answer this question or struggle with it only to find that their best response is a “maybe” or “uhhh I guess” or the noncommittal “it depends.” Huh? If You Would Not Buy from You, why would anyone else buy from you? The answer is simple. They will not and would not. This book helps us think in deep ways (EX: understanding your own and another’s worldview or WHY) yet can be read in a few hours. The book blends traditional and modern communication principles and explains how to achieve sales success in a noisy and short attention span world. Our world is constantly connected and overloaded with more information that can be consumed. We are stimulated by multimedia every waking minute. So, what do we do? We buy from people who are like us and who we understand. And from people who can clearly articulate their message in an authentic way with passion. We purchase from those who are creative and we deem as providing real value. We buy from people we TRUST. Our brand (indeed) makes the difference between (success or failure) in our sales and marketing efforts in 2015 and beyond. This book is broken into three main sections (that build on each other) and can be remembered with the acronym “CUB”. C is for Constantly Connected (modern world we live in); U is for an Under the Iceberg Mindset (below the surface level thinking); and B is for your Brand (our DNA that makes us unique). Only YOU can be YOU and this book shows you how to use this to your advantage and consistently add value in all that you sell and market. Thus, you will learn the difference in selling on “price” and selling value. Price is price. Value= Price +Goods/Services + YOU. After reading this book, the question changes to: “Why Would You Not Buy from You?”

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Would You Buy From You? Your Brand Makes the Difference

Would you buy from you? Many people struggle with this question only to find that their best response is a “maybe” or the noncommittal “it depends.” Huh?

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Ryan T. Sauers is President/Owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies. The firm consults with the front end of a variety of profit and nonprofit organizations across North America. The areas of focus are: sales growth, brand positioning, organizational strategy, and integrated marketing (emphasis on social media).

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