Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way

Ron Karr

In today’s sales world there’s no room for followers. But there’s plenty of room for leaders. Competition is intense, and if you don’t take a leadership role in producing results for your clients, someone else will. In Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way, Ron Karr outlines a repeatable process based on the powerful idea that great sellers lead relationships in the same way that great leaders sell ideas.

No matter what you sell, you must communicate persuasively and effectively what it is you can offer clients. However, sales leaders do even more than that. They raise the bar by finding new opportunities and creating new levels of performance for their customers. They don’t just sell products or services; they sell outcomes that transform a customer’s world, and they assume personal responsibility for those outcomes.

This customer-focused mindset is the key to Karr’s proven leadership selling process. Based on decades of research with companies of all sizes, Karr reveals what great sellers do and shows how anyone can implement the same powerful principles. He offers an in-depth exploration of the seven critical traits all sales leaders share. Today’s top sales leaders:

  • – Have a clear vision of where they’re going
  • – Position themselves powerfully in the minds of customers
  • – Build alliances rather than go it alone
  • – Ask powerful questions that result in new sales opportunities
  • – Create a value proposition that neutralizes the competition
  • – Communicate well and persuasively
  • – Embrace accountability and responsibility

Many sales leaders learn these principles through trial and error. This book helps you avoid the trial and error part and skip straight to the success part. Why learn the hard way when you can read this book, learn these principles, and start — today — selling more, faster, and at a higher profit? If you sell things for a living or manage people who sell, you face a stark choice that you had better get right — to Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way. Choose wisely and sales success will be yours.


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About the Author

Ron Karr is acclaimed as a leading sales and leadership expert. President and CEO of Karr Associates, Inc., Ron is a professional speaker and in-demand business consultant.

A world-renowned, high-content speaker and results-oriented consultant, Ron communicates his profound ideas with energy, inspiration and humor. He draws audiences worldwide into his message, inspires them with his strategies and moves them to real action.

Ron offers his audiences and consulting clients the real world business success and knowledge he gained during a highly successful career in sales and management. He also brings to the platform more than 20 years of success speaking to hundreds of organizations throughout the world. His key areas of expertise include sales, negotiations, customer service and productivity. He has conducted seminars and keynote addresses before organizations of all sizes on three continents. His client list includes Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Met Life, Sprint, Marriott Hotels, UPS, Hertz, Agfa and Cognis Chemical, among others.

Ron Karr’s latest book Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way: The 7 Traits of Great Sellers (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) outlines a repeatable process based on the powerful idea that great sellers lead relationships in the same way that great leaders sell ideas. Ron is also author of the acclaimed book The Titan Principle®, The Number One Secret to Sales Success (Chandler House Press) and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Great Customer Service (Macmillan Books- 1997)

Ron is the 2013-2014 President of the National Speakers Association and is past president of its NY Tri-State Chapter. He holds the designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional).


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