Change Ready

Rita Burgett-Martell

People don’t resist change if they are prepared for change. Change Ready! How to Turn Change Resistance into Change Readiness,¬†by Rita Burgett-Martell,¬†provides leaders with a practical step-by-step guide to implementing, managing and sustaining change. Readers will gain insight into the personal reactions that cause resistance to change and learn what to do to minimize resistance, maximize readiness and create a change ready culture. The author’s common-sense approach and real-life examples illustrate both opportunities and challenges, providing the reader with a definitive, accessible guide to a topic that’s often presented too theoretically. It’s a must-read resource that everyone involved in or affected by change should have on their bookshelves.

About the Author

Over the past twenty-five years, Rita Burgett-Martell has led global change initiatives for Fortune 500 clients and provided thought leadership for C-level executives and Senior Leadership Teams. Her clients include Chevron, Cisco Systems, Gap, Genentech, Astra-Zeneca, Medimmune, McKesson Corporation, Lyondell Chemical Company, Siemens, Teague Design, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, California State Automobile Association, Kaiser Permanente, PG&E, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Infonet, Quantum Symantec American Institute for Research and Detroit Edison.

She is a professor of Business Transformation and Innovation at Cambridge Corporate Online University and has worked internationally with clients in Australia, Manila, Bali, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Cape Town, China and Japan. Prior to establishing Strategic Transformations Consulting, Inc. in 2001 to provide non-theoretical common sense change consulting advice to clients, she was a Senior Director of the Organizational Change Strategy Practice for KPMG Consulting and Managing Director of Organizational Change Management for Oracle Corporation

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