Saying “Yes” Wisely

Richard Marker

This collection of essays is both timely and timeless. They cut through the clutter of popular jargon and fads in philanthropy to provide a series of thought-provoking and instructive essays of interest to all who do or are contemplating giving money for charitable purposes. Written over time in response to questions which have come from his students, clients, and colleagues in the grant making field, it addresses real issues, respects individual needs and family legacies, and doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. Marker’s experience has taught him that “it may be hard to say ‘no’ graciously, but it is even harder to say ‘yes’ wisely.” Whether you give $25 or $25 million each year, this collection will help any funder be more thoughtful about when, why and how to say ‘yes’ to the abundant requests we all receive.

About Richard Marker

Richard Marker is an internationally recognized author, speaker, professor and advisor about trends and best practices in philanthropy.   He is co-principal of Wise Philanthropy, a strategy advisory firm, and is also Faculty co-chair of the University of Pennsylvania Center for High Impact Philanthropy Funder Education Program.  A past CEO of a major foundation, he has been a trustee of several others.  He has lectured in 39 countries, and is frequently quoted in stories about philanthorpy trends.