The CMO's Social Media Handbook

Peter Friedman

It’s a terrific time to be a senior marketing leader-if you’re prepared to leverage social effectively, and with time, utilize its power to transform marketing for your brand. In The CMO’s Social Media Handbook, Peter Friedman distills 30 years of experience to offer a combined practical tool kit and social-media-theory crash course to help big-brand marketing leaders with everything from dealing with vendors to establishing a social brand identity to managing crucial conversations at every level of the organization. With this step-by-step handbook, you’ll learn how to: – Strategize and execute a long-term social media plan, even in a business environment focused on short-term promotion, to create dialogue and deepen customer relationships – Start small and build results so that you can confidently lead your organization to become a customer-centric brand – Develop a social brand identity to bring your brand alive for customers – Define KPIs and measure social media so that you can demonstrate ROI and quantifiable business impact – Create content for social media channels that provides value and creates emotional connection to customers for enhanced loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and advocacy – Mitigate the risk of PR landmines and learn how to turn them to your advantage – Engage, understand, and leverage the voice of the customer at a global scale


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About the Author

Peter Friedman is a social media visionary and veteran with 30 years of online community and social media experience helping companies engage 1:1 with customers at scale. He is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of LiveWorld, a trusted social media partner to the world’s largest brands, including the number-one companies in retail, CPG, pharmaceutical, and financial/travel services.

Prior to founding LiveWorld, Peter was the Vice President and General Manager of Apple’s Internet Services Division, overseeing the creation and management of AppleLink, eWorld, AOL, and Salon. Early in his Apple tenure he was a member of the Macintosh Division.  He is a fine art photographer and celebrated public speaker. His writing on social media can be found at The Huffington Post and across the web.  Peter’s new book, “The CMO’s Social Media Handbook, A Step By Step Guide For Leading Marketing Teams in the Social Media World” has just been released.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in American History from Brown University, and a masters In business administration from The Harvard Business School.  Peter’s life-long mission is to help people create more value together than they can alone, through collaborative relationships. Connect with him @PeterFriedman on Twitter.

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