Managing Modern Brands: Cult Theory and Psychology

Mareen Thomas Cherian

Managing Modern Brands: Cult Theory and Psychology is a succinct work that explores the emotional connect that brand managers crave to establish between their brands and consumers. The book embodies a step-by-step methodology for creating a brand with values that are required to generate a cult-like following and knit an eternal sense of belonging. It introduces its readers to the theory of cult brands and also takes them through another exclusive theory known as the Snowball Upshot.

For higher education / executive education students who are pursuing courses in marketing and management studies, this book will provide a distinct and modern perspective on managing brands and help in understanding the concept of cult brands and their worth in contemporary times. This book will be equally beneficial for advertising agencies, brand strategists, academicians and researchers who can t./ake cues from the case studies, brand stories, marketing strategies and history of various cult brands mentioned in the book.

The contents of the book include cult philosophy, managing cult brands through storytelling, role of psychology in cult branding, marketing strategies, growth and future of cult brands. The structure of this book has been developed akin to carving a chef-d’oeuvre with attention to every detail and thoughtful presentation, so that those who dive into it can take a leaf from it.

About Mareen Thomas Cherian

Mareen Thomas Cherian completed her Masters in Business Administration from Indore in the year 2002. She also holds a diploma in Creative Writing in English. She started her career as a Knowledge Executive in Bhopal training students in English language and personality development. Later, as a Lecturer she taught subjects like Marketing Management, Management of Information Systems and Marketing Research to students of MBA semester I and III at ICFAI National College, Nagpur. In the year 2006, she had ghost-written a study guide on Marketing Principles for Amravati and Nagpur University students. She also worked briefly as a Soft Skills Trainer for software employees in a firm in Nagpur.

During this time, she compiled, co-authored and internally published two eBooks on Intermediate and Advanced level Communication and General Management for the employees. Her work experience which spans over a decade in various companies, also includes her working in Mumbai and Pune as an Educational Advisor, Content Editor and Business Writer. She has done extensive research on cult brands over the past few years that has resulted in this book.