DeStress To Success

Leo Willcocks

Stress often strikes at inconvenient times, when most stress management techniques would be embarrassingly obvious. Have you ever used yoga poses during a confrontation with a co-worker or your partner? How about going for a walk in the middle of a company meeting?

And how long does the relaxation from a stress relief tip really last?

In DeStress to Success, Leo Willcocks offers powerful tools for immediate and lasting stress relief, during even the most difficult situations. You will learn how to stop stress in the heat of the moment, as well as strategies for staying relaxed. You will discover effective solutions to both resolve and prevent common causes of stress in relationships, the workplace, and finances.

Endorsed by Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Dr William Seidman, Robert G. Allen, Sean Covey, Stephen M. R. Covey, Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley and many more.

About the Author

Leo Willcocks helps organizations, and repairs lives. A therapist and stress consultant from Sydney, Australia, his tools have been refined over years of consulting to give powerful results in a short period of time. His client list includes Executives to Receptionists, Professional Athletes, Management, Business Owners, Parents and Partners.

Interviewed on WSJ radio and CBS radio regarding stress management and emotional strength, and featured in, The Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne’s The Age, The Examiner and more helping listeners and readers alike to minimize their stress and live life on their own terms.

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