Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity

Laura Leist

Eliminate the Chaos at Work increases your business productivity and peace of mind by showing you how to create streamlined information systems, processes and workflows.

Laura’s proven 25 techniques are easy to implement, realistic and results oriented. Using these techniques, you can take control over your time and information to create workable systems built to reflect how you think and process information.

Eliminate the Chaos at Work breaks down the everyday organization and productivity challenges you face at work into four areas: time, paper and information management as well as managing all of the stuff in your office. You’ll learn effective time and information management techniques including how to:

Produce logical, user friendly information management systems to ensure information is organized and easily retrievable
Schedule and manage meetings that aren’t total time wasters
Implement a system to process and follow up on e-mail
Create an organized e-mail filing structure for easy retrieval
De-clutter paper files, decide what can be stored, scanned, shredded or recycled
Learn what paper management system will work best for you and how to create the filing structure
Use the PAPERS method for maintaining efficient paper management systems
Determine which task management system is right for your needs and how to manage your tasks and projects daily using the 20-minute rule
Use the 10-step process to organize the stuff in your office
Imagine working in an office where you feel in control and on top of things, instead of overwhelmed. Setup a comfortable workspace and make yourself and your team’s office more productive, supported and in control with Eliminate the Chaos at Work.

About the Author

Laura Leist, MOS, CPO®, CRTS
Founder, President and Chief Organizing and Productivity Consultant

Since launching Eliminate Chaos in 2000, Laura Leist has walked her own talk
about getting more done to allow “More Time for Life®.” A poster child for getting
much accomplished, this self-described overachiever and award-winning
entrepreneur has grown what was once a one-woman show into a thriving
business. She has also written nine books, including:
Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity (Wiley 2011)
Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft® Outlook 2010
Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life
(Sasquatch Books 2006)

Today Eliminate Chaos operates five divisions – speaking, business, home offices,
residential organizing, and relocations for residential/commercial clients.

Appreciative clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, paper-and-systems-fatigued law offices, high-profile authors, speakers, athletes and media personalities, solopreneurs, and divas of domesticity. Though they come from all walks of life and work, they all share a universal need to invest in professional help to escape the clutter, disorganization and lack of productivity that slows them down, steals valuable time from their lives, and puts a crimp on their upside earning potential.

Eliminate Chaos employs productivity and organization specialists who are united in their belief that everyone can enjoy life more if they just get organized first. Laura sets the example for the team. She has the rare ability to serve as a strategic, big-picture thinker AND handle the most complicated, detailed projects without letting anything slip through the cracks.

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