Kristiane Cates

K. Cates and her husband, Chad, were an ordinary couple who attended church, enjoyed barbeques with friends on the weekends, and unconditionally loved their two children-until thirty seconds changed their lives forever. In her memoir that addresses tough questions about life, loss, and purpose, Cates chronicles her heart-wrenching journey after her son’s tragic death in a car accident as she fought not only for her own survival through the darkness of grief and blame, but also for her marriage and her faith. With candor and a unique perspective, Cates shares a vulnerable glimpse into the moments before, during, and after a tragedy as she was forced to look at life from an entirely different perspective. A fine balance of adversity and optimism, Cates provides encouragement for others to keep searching for the light, even when it seems all is lost. The Golden Thread shares a true story about God’s grace, love, and faith after tragedy rocks one woman’s world and leads her to find herself-and a new purpose-amid the darkest of circumstances.

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Kristiane Cates

Success Strategist.  Popcorn addict.  Intuitive. Authentic and Audacious. Faith-full. With life lessons that have applications from the boardroom to the NFL, from sales meetings to self-improvement and relationships, where there’s a challenge, there’s an answer.  Any day, at any moment, 30 seconds can change everything about your life. Are you ready for it? I deliver success strategies for you biggest challenge.

My book, “The Golden Thread”, describes the shift in my trajectory through the loss through my son, and my sense of direction. But the same 30 seconds is where pain paid for passion. Focus. Drive. And fierce purpose. Because if passion has opportunity to bleed from your veins into purpose through your work, what then? What mind-blowing things could you accomplish?

Host of the Kristiane Cates weekly Podcast on ITunes and Google Play The “I Dare You Daily” campaign to better your life 5 days a week. Blogger. Single Mom. Writer. Sometime silly girl, with sassy pants.

As a single mom of a grown daughter, and residing in southern California, I love travel, chocolate, workouts and anyone with a great story. Or a compelling, inspired viewpoint.

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