The Happy Hour Effect: 12 Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life

Kristen Brown

Get the bestselling book with hundreds of tips and ideas to help you create the low-stress, high-success life you envision for yourself, your work team and your loved ones! Here is what you’ll find inside this powerful book:

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-Easy reference grids to help you decide if a tip or idea will fit your needs including ease of implementation, time required and more.

-Access to bonus worksheets and tools online to reinforce your learning and make your stress management plans happen faster.

-Sidebar articles from experts to drive home the importance of the tips in each chapter. You will find bonus expert sidebars on pets, health, travel, sex, career, parenting and much more.

This bestselling book has been seen on national media like Live with Kelly & Michael, HLN, CNN, Forbes and many more. It provides easy, fun, and powerful solutions to minimize your stress and maximize your life. The tips and ideas in the book aren’t hard. They aren’t confusing. The book is a simple, straightforward, fun approach to stress relief and goal-setting.

Perfect for large and small work teams, social groups, book clubs and leaders who want to get the most out of their own lives and the most from their teams.

About 10 Ways to Create an Energized Life

Do you have a plan for how you want your life to unfold? Or are you living reactively to the non-stop busy-ness and stress of today’s world? These same questions should be asked of your co-workers and employees to ensure they are maximizing their productivity and engagement in the workplace by honoring their professional AND personal needs and goals.

The key is to take action on shifting around priorities in order to create the life you envision for yourself, your work team and your loved ones. You must ENERGIZE your life with the right activities, behaviors and goals. (You can get a jumpstart on this with my proven Life Map process that is part of the online Stress Turnaround program or my second bestselling book, The Happy Hour Effect.)

Here are some key questions to ask to get on track with creating an energized life. As you answer each one, think about a specific action step you can take to change areas of your life that are out of alignment with what you want. Use these questions with your employees to create an energized workplace too.

1. Are you spending time doing things that drain you or make you feel resentful or stressed? Get it outta there. You’re only shortchanging yourself and you’ll inevitably give that activity or task less than your best.

2. Do you build in time for yourself? Make YOU a priority – no excuses. If you aren’t your best self, you’ll be doing your family, work team and the world a major dis-service.

3. Is there time each day to move? If you’re stuck at a desk, get your butt out of the chair every hour or so – and be sure to work vigorous exercise into your calendar. Our bodies aren’t designed to sit around all day.

4. Do you prioritize sleep? Get to bed at a decent hour and aim for 6-8 hours. A tired body and brain leads to illness, poor decision-making and moodiness.

5. Are you eating to fuel your busy life? If you run, run, run all day long, you must eat healthfully and not fill yourself up with junk.

6. Do you make time for hobbies? It’s okay to do something simply because it’s fun or relaxing. Not everything needs to be a check on a to-do list.

7. Are you making time to build relationships with your partner, kids, friends and co-workers? Each person in your life that you want to stay in your life in a positive way requires solid time, development of your shared needs and goals you can work on together.

8. How is your financial state of affairs? Are you budgeting and sticking to a plan to feel secure? Everyone can benefit from a financial planner – even if you don’t have a lot of finances to manage right now. Get expert guidance and ditch money worries.

9. Do you have a spiritual practice? No matter what your culture, religion or belief-system, it’s important to feel connected to the world, others and yourself. Make time to read, attend services, meditate or whatever brings you clarity.

10. Is your job fulfilling and meaningful? You spend a lot of time working so be sure it’s a positive force in your life. Is your skillset and expertise in alignment with your job role? Does your work inspire and motivate you? What do you love to do at work and how could you do more of it?

This is a short list – and it’s still long! The most important thing when building a life that may be a little (or a lot) different from what you’re living now is to start small. Do one thing at a time and be open to experimentation.

SHARE WITH ME! What one thing can you shift RIGHT NOW?


About the Author

Kristen Brown is a bestselling author, speaker and work/life strategist who helps busy professionals reduce stress, leverage their goals and boost happiness.

Kristen was widowed with a new baby while at a challenging job during the economic collapse which drove the launch of her Happy Hour Effect revolution. Prior to this, she spent 15 years in leadership roles serving Fortune500s, start-ups and everything in between.

She’s a screen and stage regular with over 500 appearances including Live with Kelly & Michael, Working Mother, Cargill, Regis, BBC and her own top-rated podcast.

Kristen and her daughter live in Minneapolis and she will do just about anything for bacon.

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