Stuck On Yellow: Stop Stalling, Get Serious, and Unleash Your Productivity

Ken Okel

Stop worrying about what to do next. You can achieve more in today’s pressure packed, ever changing business world.

Stuck on Yellow is your A to Z guide to boosting your professional productivity. Easy to read and simple to implement, you’ll learn strategies designed to make you more profitable.

As you know, competency isn’t the problem. You need help overcoming the unexpected distractions that treat your productive hours like an all you can eat buffet. No wonder you can never get around to your big picture goals.

Paralysis by possibility is real and perfectly normal. The problem is that some of us get trapped in this state of mind. You are Stuck on Yellow.

Find out why it can pay to be desperate, how to shield yourself from interruptions, and why you need to stop acting like a firefighter at work.

This book is arranged into 26 chapters, each representing a letter of the alphabet and each built around a simple theme that can help improve your productivity.

While you are more than welcome to read the book from cover to cover, it’s not your only option. Pick a letter, read the chapter, and consider how you can put the principles into action. Rinse and repeat!

Living a life where you feel stuck is no fun. Pick a chapter, change your life.

About the Author

Ken Okel laughed years ago when a potential employer described him as being “too versatile,” to hire. Rather than run from this title, he’s embraced it.

For more than a decade, TV audiences watched Ken on the news. At several stations, they saw him perform as a TV news anchor, a reporter, a (pretend) weatherman, and even a talk show host. Ken covered natural disasters, school shootings, and grieving families. It wasn’t always sad as he got to meet celebrities, find out what makes unforgettable people tick, and get paid to do things like free fall 70 feet, ride through the streets in a motorized armchair, and be safely attacked by a police dog. Along the way, Ken picked up a few special honors.

Ken then moved into the nonprofit world for several adventures. These saw him do everything from running a professional ballet company to organizing more than 100 hurricane relief volunteers. Through it all, he understood the value of helping those in need.

Today people know Ken for his leadership presentations to companies and associations. Audiences are engaged an entertained as they receive the tools necessary to transform their professional lives. Some are fortunate enough to take part in Ken’s famous paper hat exercise.

How could Ken pass up a chance to be a part of the online world? People around the world listen to his award-winning podcast, The 2 Minute Takeaway. Ken is also know for his weekly column, The Whiner of the Week.