Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business

Joel G. Block

This is a special book with a special agenda that I reveal in just a moment. But before I do that, let me give you the lay of the land. First of all, this book is all about business. At its core, this book teaches business thinking for business people in all industries. No matter what your field is, try to think broadly when reading this material in order to absorb and apply it to your life in the best possible way. Secondly, the material in this book is generally geared towards advanced (meaning more financially successful) professionals because those are the people with existing momentum who can use this material to propel themselves to the next level—but again, all professionals at any level can highly benefit from the tips and tricks in this book. All are welcome here! This book is made up of 101+ “tricks of the trade”, grouped into sections based on the concepts and principles I have used throughout my career for building businesses. Each of these insights is a piece of business wisdom – some of which I use every day. Some insights help me regularly, while some are strategies that I put to use only when I start a new, substantial endeavor, which does not happen too often. Each insight could be a white paper or even a stand-alone book, but the purpose of this collection is simply to create an awareness of the many principles, best practices, methods, mindsets, and tricks of the trade available to you as you build your own “money-making machine”. My goal is not to take a deep dive into the details of each element because either alone or through collaboration with others, you will figure it out. That is what resourceful people do. Warning: Do not try to implement all of these insights at once. Pick a few and work on them first. Then, over time, add a few more. This is not designed to be quick and easy. You are going to have to work on it to gain mastery. But the effort will be worthwhile.

About Joel G. Block

Joel G. Block, CPA is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). A recognized expert in Investment CrowdFunding, Joel runs a real estate hedge fund though he spent years in the venture capital business. Joel has conceptualized, capitalized, operated and sold several companies, one of which he sold to a Fortune 500 company.